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audra: blow me

i love me some isabella blow.  after last night’s hot mess of a resolution post, i got to thinking about wearing hats more often (à la blow) & her incredible iconic stature.  famous among fashionistas for eccentric hat-wearing, she died may 7th, 2007; just a single day following a one person cocktail party she hosted with a bottle of the herbicide paraquat.  isabella was dying of ovarian cancer, & instead of succumbing to the disease, she decided it best to off herself on her own terms…something her grandfather & father-in-law had done themselves in the past.

born in london, isabella bounced around from job to job – once even as a maid – & eventually moved to new york city in 1979 when she was 21.  by 1981, she was working directly for andre leon talley at vogue(!), and went on to be anna wintour’s assistant(!!).  as if she couldn’t possibly get any more rad, blow was apparently bffs with andy warhol & jean-michel basquiat.

in all this investigation, i found out that isabella is the genius behind discovering some of my favorite-favorite style icons like alexander mcqueen(!), sophie dahl & stella tennant.  it has also been noted that the reason she always wore such face-obstructing hats was to hide her face; she thought she was ugly.  that broke my heart.

but then i read this quote from her on wikipedia, offering a cooler guise for the bizarre hats:

…to keep everyone away from me. they say, oh, can i kiss you? i say, no, thank you very much. that’s why i’ve worn the hat. goodbye. i don’t want to be kissed by all and sundry. i want to be kissed by the people i love.

i love that.  you see?  this is why i should be wearing hats all the time.  it would help filter out all the unwanted kissersby.  i love what she says in the clip below too, “i hate crap.  i like craftsmanship.”  and how her “…ingredients are clothes.”  lovely.  be sure to note her impeccable taste in haircuts as well.

i still miss her terribly.  however, whilst doing a bit of research, i read that she’d attempted suicide many times in 2007 before the weedkiller cocktail incident; various overdoses, purposely driving her car into the back end of a truck…she even tried drowning herself.  i’m happy she went out with a little bit of drama instead of becoming another cancer victim.  good for her.  that’s some damn good craftsmanship, wouldn’t you say?

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Sam: Candy Says…

Many things make me happy, and one of them just happens to be a photograph of a sick tranny on a death bed. Candy Darling on her Death Bed shot by­­­ ­Peter Hujar in 1974 is stunning.  At first I thought this photograph was just a brilliant shot.  Little did I know she really was on her death bed, filled with cancer that was consuming her body faster than a fat kid tearing through a bag of Doritos.  I love the idea of finding beauty in the macabre.  Who knew being sick could be so glamorous?


In a desperate attempt to ditch the body she was born into, Candy Darling began injecting unsanctioned hormones and as a result she developed leukemia. After a bout with pneumonia, she took off for the big disco ball in the sky on March 21st, 1974 at the age of 29.  She is still very much alive in my household.  We see her often.  Sometimes on TV.  Sometimes in the record collection.  The photo above serves as the cover art for Antony & the Johnsons haunting record I Am a Bird Now.  We even almost named one of the tree frogs that invaded our patio over the summer after her.  The honors ended up going to fellow Factory girl, Edie Sedgwick.  She is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson said it best, “Candy, Candy, Candy I can’t let you go”.

In a letter intended for Andy Warhol written from her death bed, Candy said, “Unfortunately before my death I had no desire left for life . . . I am just so bored by everything. You might say bored to death. Did you know I couldn’t last. I always knew it. I wish I could meet you all again.”

Bored to death.  So, she taught us all that getting sick can be glamorous… and apparently funny too.  Bravo, Ms. Darling!

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