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we love you: installment two

posted by:  audra

i’ve been looking at the search history used to find our blog once again, & think it’s time for another one of these…some are just too awesome not to share!  here are some of my favorites since last march:

  • 1950’s fuck my mom (awesome.)
  • “fever ray” “creepy song”
  • “sitting shoes”
  • im sorry wrist cut suicide
  • bloody wrist
  • deep cut wrist (jesus, you guys!)
  • anorexic bondage
  • tall fuck (really…?)
  • i’m on a boat
  • “flat chested” “training bra”
  • “fishnets over my head”
  • katey segal feet
  • katey sagal beauty
  • peggy bundy
  • bastards of young (the band or the song?  maybe both?  sigh.  the mind quails.)
  • menswear review (good work…as you should be reviewing menswear!)
  • sweet jane blackboots & blackhearts  (and sometimes when you blog about bands, they find your blog and then they blog about you blogging about them!!  fucking rad!)

and my personal favorite…

wait for it…


  • lucky guy fucking audra

and of course it’s about me!

anyway, this all tells me that the strangers we’re attracting are suicidal masochists with a penchant for katey sagal.  and i’m perfectly okay with that.

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current obsessions

posted by:  audra

so sam posted that sweet jane thing awhile ago, right?  oh em gee.  loves them.   i feel like the dandy warhols had a baby with x & the black keys.  really, can that get any hotter?  track 4 on their ep titled ‘heartbreak’ is my current obsession.  love, love, love it.  it makes me think of the makeout scene in the virgin suicides when lux runs out to kiss trip, all whilst ‘crazy on you’ is in the background(!).   one of my very favorite movie scenes ever.  but anyway.  ‘heartbreak’ just has that super hot, i have to touch you right this very second or i’ll die feel to it.  delicious.  i promise, promise, promise(!) that the recorded studio version is way more bassy, guitary & percussiony.  this is sorta blah, but it’ll have to do for now:

mmmkay, now that we’ve gotten the cool out of the way…

jesse mccartney.  seriously.  this shit is good.  you didn’t hear it here…but i love this for some gross, embarrassing reason.  poppy goodness.  even with lyrics like this…

so call your shawty you tell him you found a new man; the one who’s so so fly

believe it!  i do have a problem with the ridiculous video though, and especially the mattress with no linens.  oh god.  really?  i can’t handle that.

here.  enjoy:

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Sweet Jane

posted by:  Sam

Sweet Jesus.  It’s possible I might be in love with this hot little Irish band, Sweet Jane.  For a split second I thought they may just be too good to be true.  Imagine The Raveonettes, The Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain all having a baby together.  Yeah, I know!  Then I read they have toured with The Kills, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Duke Spirit and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!  My God, some of my favorites all wrapped up into one delicious Irish bundle… sigh!

I recently purchased their EP, Blackboots Blackhearts from iTunes and was not immediately disappointed.  The comparisons to such legendary bands can sometimes equal bad news, but I think it is safe to say they’re dead on.

I’m still fairly new to it, so I can’t say I am officially obsessed with them yet, but they show incredible promise.  I need to create more time with the record.  It’s sad, the same day I made the purchase I also picked up the new Fever Ray record… and haven’t been able to put it down.  Unfortunately, others are forced into the backseat.  But, not for long.  I am forcing my way out of the Fever Ray fog, and ready to dive head first into the fuzzy sexiness of Sweet Jane.

Since they are on the up & up, it is sort of slim pickin’s on YouTube for any videos or live footage… but I did discover this acoustic performance.

I think I might be on to something here.

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