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john galliano may be cooler than kim deal

posted by:  audra

i realize everyone’s probably getting sick of fashion posts…even i am just a little bit…but sometimes it’s just too good to pass up, right?  anyway, i haven’t even been at home on the weekends long enough to turn on the oven.  what’s a girl to do?  i’m pulling a warhol:  it’s easy.  fashiony things are easy.  something food related next week.  i promise.  in the meantime…

christian dior spring 2009 couture collection.  so gorge.  bless john galliano!  he’s been the grands couturier for dior since 1996.  i love dior, & i’ve been obsessed with john galliano since i was about 12 after watching him on fashion televison.  my mom gave me an exquisite[ly big] book on christian dior’s early work for christmas, & this stuff galliano designed looks a lot like the young material dior was churning out in the late 1940s.  i love them.  so glamorous, regal…and prommy — in a good way.  there are belts cinched in at the (real) waist; i live for these.  there are yards & yards of silky, delicious fabrics.  and there are hats.  big, gaudy, glamorous hats…with crimped hair! a-fucking-men.  i’m heating up my crimper right this very second…

i love this one; very modern technicolor eye with the crimped hair, but sort of 1800’s victorian inspired gown.  so pretty:

if i had to get married over again & had an extra hundred grand or so lying about, dying to be spent, this is what i would wear:

loves this.  i wanna wear it to the orangette book signing:

i just love the color of this, even if the shape wasn’t as amazing at it is…someday i will have walls this color:

i’m not even that wild about blue, especially a blue this shade, but i think this is so lovely:

i want this; i’d totally wear it to work:

there.  i think i’m runway’d out for now(!).  food.  next week.  i promise.

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audra: haute pants

oh my god, you guys…i am really kicking myself for not sticking with the whole losing-weight thing.  not because i can’t fit into my favorite black & white halter dress, or the horrendous back-fat i’m accumulating, but because of the uh-maze-ing hot pants explosion for spring 2009(!).  oh em gee, look how rad:

model in paul costelloe

model vika kuropyatnikova wearing iceberg

model vika kuropyatnikova in iceberg

model heloise guerin in dolce & gabbana

model heloise guerin in dolce & gabbana

agnès b.

model in agnès b.

but boys in hot pants?  gross.  this is ridiculous:

model thibault oberlin in byblos

model thibault oberlin in byblos

i want to like this, really i do…i love men’s legs, and a prominently displayed package, but this is just embarrassing.  i do like the blazer sleeves pushed up though, it makes the bottom half look more like it’s on purpose…because you know if he wore the sleeves down, with socks too,  it would throw the whole thing off balance in an ‘oops i forgot my pants’ kind of way.   if there is any boy you know who would actually wear the man-panty + blazer combination out & feel good about it, please introduce me.  that boy would be my new fashion hero.

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audra: is mj really the new ysl?

as i was tooling about in the new issue of the bible the other day, i skimmed one of my favorite columns, life with andré by andré leon talley. i had to stop &  lick the page for a moment when a skirt-clad marc jacobs with victoria beckham caught my eye.  then i noticed the heading, man of the moment.  so i read…

“in my life in the fashion trenches, there have been only two collections that were seismic moments destined to become part of the legacy of modern fashion history.”

…one being yves saint laurent’s broadway suit collection clear back in 1978, and the other being marc jacobs’s most recent collection at new york fashion week.  a pretty bold statement, don’t you think?  especially coming from talley.  he then goes on to say that what with mj’s models walking the runway to gershwin’s rhapsody in blue, jacobs “became the new yves saint laurent.”

the new ysl…?  marc jacobs truly is my favorite designer, and has been since, like, forever.  when i bought my first pair of mj heels in 2003, i thought my head would explode.  really.  i would sit with my new red heels on for hours in the house, just watching tv or whatever, afraid that if i wore them outside they’d get scuffed, or i’d fall down.  i wasn’t that great at walking in heels back then…oh, so young.  when i think of his designs, i think of lots of different textures, bright colors with most often a slightly off-kilter cut.  he’s just so bloody cool.  i hear that he chain-smokes like you woudn’t believe, too…even to & from the gym.

when i think of ysl, i think flowing evening gowns worn by catherine deneuve – like the black lacy thing she wore in belle du jour – though i don’t really think he meant design-wise, but style-wise rather, if that makes sense.  hmm.  well, still, it’s hardly something you could compare marc jacobs to, right?  sure marc does gowns & suits & such, but really?  however, when i took a little looky-loo at marc’s new spring 2009 ready-to-wear collection further, i started to agree with talley; especially his suits paired with darling little hats…quite the loving nod to monsieur laurent.

yves saint laurent

marc jacobs spring 2009 ready to wear

the first model is wearing yves saint laurent; i’m not certain the year, but just guessing, i would say it’s circa 1988.  the second model is wearing marc jacobs spring 2009.  granted i picked the most conservative of mj’s suits, but you get the point.   i guess it just sort of shocked me to hear such high praises given to marc, to be called the new ysl…and what with yves only being in fashion heaven since june.  i’ll definitely be pulling out my never-been-worn, silver marc jacobs boots (with star shaped cut-outs(!), circa 2005-ish) very, very soon.  while chain-smoking, of course.

for the rest of his spring collection, click here.

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