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audra: evan rachel von tease

okay, i know…this is old news…especially since evan rachel wood & marilyn manson have now split…  but, i’m super-sick of seeing evan rachel prancing around trying to look like my dita:

remember when evan looked like this?

i always thought she was pretty in a gross way.  or gross in a pretty way.  but what the fuck is she doing?  can she be any more obvious?  i mean, she looks a gabillion times hotter all dita-ed out, but come on.  she even parts her hair on the same side.   i read somewhere that evan has “totally single white femaled” dita von teese.  indeed.  i wonder what’s holding her back from penciling in a beauty mark on her cheekbone?  i miss the days of dita & marilyn in wedded bliss terribly…

i’m feeling lazy, so you just get a couple more pictures to ponder…


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