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Talk to Me

posted by:  Sam

When I first heard the  new Peaches song “Talk to Me” I instantly loved it and instantly hated it at the exact same time.   I think it might be a grower.  I’m pretty sure I like it now.  Kind of a lot.  What do you think?


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Dakota Fanning: the new Cherie Currie?

posted by:  Sam

Rumor has it little Dakota Fanning is in talks to play Cherie Currie in an up-coming biopic about The Runaways.  My first thought was, really?  Then I saw some recent pictures of Fanning and thought, hmm… maybe.  She’s fifteen-ish now, right?  That’s the same age as Currie was when she made her debut in the band around 1975.

But can she pull it off?

We shall see.  But, to be completely honest, I am way more concerned with who they plan to cast as my beloved Lita Ford.  Choose wisely, my friends.  Choose wisely.

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posted by:  Sam

I just watched the video for “Wrong“, the new Depeche Mode single… and um… wow.  I’m not quite sure what to say other than I think it may be my favorite video they have ever made.  I have no more words.

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Face Control

posted by: Sam

On March 10th, the Montreal duo Handsome Furs will unleash their second record Face Control

Judging by the cover, I’m confident the much anticipated follow up to their brilliant 2007 record, Plague Park, will pack quite a bite.

The band layers cold, jagged guitars over swift electronic beats.  The vocals are shaky and distant, but are inviting and sexy at the same time.  The juxtaposition sounds like it could be a confusing mess, but it isn’t.  It all works beautifully together.  Their sound sort of makes me feel like I have just woken up in an alcohol-soaked haze from a long night of serious debauchery.   That alone is enough to make me sweat in anticipation of this release, but it gets better.  Much better.   I recently stumbled upon the insanely sexy publicity shots for the album.

Oh my God. Handsome, indeed.


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