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best day ever…?

posted by:  audra

wow.  so, i should be totally irritable & tired today…but for whatever reason, i’m not!  i woke up in an impeccably good state of well-being & it’s stuck with me all day. i have cramps, i only got 5 1/2 hours of sleep, the crack in my windshield spread even further this morning & i’ve had ’emerge’ in my head all day, & i don’t know where it came from.

you know what though?   i’m dealing with the cramps.  i’m not tired.  i’m blowing off getting the windshield fixed today because i don’t want the insurance people to fuck up my afternoon.  and fischerspooner kinda sounds good(?!).  it’s been like a gay discotheque everywhere i go today!  like babylon in queer as folk. what could possibly be causing all this euphoria?!  it’s sunny & nice out, but i normally wouldn’t go for that.   i took a little walk at lunch, read a magazine & smoked a ciggie in the sun, all the while wearing a sweater & didn’t sweat or get cranky!  this points to one of three things:

  1. something really bad is about to happen to me
  2. this is karmic payback for all the good things i do
  3. i dreamt a wet dream last night & my memory refuses to remember it

i’m hoping it’s the latter of the three.  the second thing would be nice too.  i deserve it.  i’m good to you people.

another thing made me happy today:  i read a little blurb in my new issue of harper’s bazaar about pulling out your older shoes from the closet.  there, gleaming next to this article, was a pair of wooden heels from chloé‘s spring 2006 line.  normally not a big deal, but these look astonishingly similar to the heels my mum gave me awhile ago…ones she wore in the seventies!  i totally have an excuse to wear them now. 

wanna watch the fischerspooner vid with me?!  just for fun?  of course you do!  now you will know what it’s been like in my head today!  it’s kinda rad, or at least parts of it are rad…just like me, i suppose.

*ps, this post has absolutely nothing to do with jessica stam.  i just felt like looking at her.

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zac posen deliciousness

posted by:  audra

i was just milling around the other day, looking at various older couture collections, & settled in on zac posen.  i’ve adored zac from the very beginning…even though we’re exactly the same age & he makes me feel like a gigantic underachiever…but i fell in love with his fall 2008 rtw collection, & i’m pretty sure he had me in mind when he designed it; it’s quite delicious, as well as the models he chose…karen elson, jessica stam, coco rocha & agyness deyn!?  all at once?  sigh…

you can view the collection in its entirety here.

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audra: did mary-kate eat ashley?

so, i’ve been seeing on the news & in the tabloids lately that mary-kate olsen has really been packing on the pounds.  not that i read the tabloids, but when i’m loading up the conveyor belt with cheese & beer, i like to skim the headlines.  when i saw that m-k was getting “fat” (indeed her weight skyrocketed past 100 lbs – really!) i picked a copy up & actually considered purchase.

it breaks my heart, this new m-k.  some sources are speculating that she is “preggers”.  i hate that word so, so much, and to see it printed in the same sentence as mary-kate’s name…it makes me sick.  i like to think that she’s just been going out for too many tcby runs.  just look at how excited she is with that gigantic bag of frozen yogurt…

i’m not sure where this next side-by-side photograph is from, but i do recall the website quoting star inthe article.  so who knows how accurate it is…but look at how gross fat/pregnant mary-kate is:

typically i like a gal with some extra squishy stuff around the sides, but this just seems wrong.  i love my m-k super-skinny, sickly & teetering on ridiculously high heels.  i want her popping pills, smoking cigarettes & getting 2 hours of sleep every night.  i love me an anna, & i’m not sure if i can deal with this.  if the pregancy rumors are true, i have a backup obsession: model jessica stam.  i got bored of karen elson.  or, i could always go back to dita.  we’ll see…

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