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we love you: installment two

posted by:  audra

i’ve been looking at the search history used to find our blog once again, & think it’s time for another one of these…some are just too awesome not to share!  here are some of my favorites since last march:

  • 1950’s fuck my mom (awesome.)
  • “fever ray” “creepy song”
  • “sitting shoes”
  • im sorry wrist cut suicide
  • bloody wrist
  • deep cut wrist (jesus, you guys!)
  • anorexic bondage
  • tall fuck (really…?)
  • i’m on a boat
  • “flat chested” “training bra”
  • “fishnets over my head”
  • katey segal feet
  • katey sagal beauty
  • peggy bundy
  • bastards of young (the band or the song?  maybe both?  sigh.  the mind quails.)
  • menswear review (good work…as you should be reviewing menswear!)
  • sweet jane blackboots & blackhearts  (and sometimes when you blog about bands, they find your blog and then they blog about you blogging about them!!  fucking rad!)

and my personal favorite…

wait for it…


  • lucky guy fucking audra

and of course it’s about me!

anyway, this all tells me that the strangers we’re attracting are suicidal masochists with a penchant for katey sagal.  and i’m perfectly okay with that.

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If I Had A Heart

posted by: Sam

Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife will release her solo debut as Fever Ray officially in March… but rumor has it is available today(!) as a digital download.  While this is exciting news for me, what isn’t so exciting is the recently revealed cover of the record.  Please tell me this is a joke.

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s not that bad?  Maybe I’m just disappointed because I was expecting something different.  Something a little creepier.  Something more like the video for the lead single, “If I Had A Heart“.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of this record, and after today I won’t have to!  If it sounds anything like the eerie little nugget, “If I Had A Heart“,  then I am in for one hell of a ride.  And maybe then, I will be so mesmerized by it I can bring myself to stop giving the goddamn cover stinky eye.

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Sam: The Knife is back… kind of

Oh muh gah, The Knife is back!  Kind of.  The Swedish broder & sister duo are reportedly hard at work writing “music and libretto” (read: text) for an opera to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species? titled Tomorrow in a Year.  The piece is set to premier in Copenhagen, Denmark sometime in September 2009.  Between that and Sune Rose Wagner’s little stint in Copenhagen recording his debut album… I am pretty sure I need to live there.

I’m the first to admit, I’m not familiar with the Species thing, but I know The Knife well enough to be so excited, for anything they touch, I can barely see straight.  They were rumored to have retired after the release of the mind numbingly brilliant record, Silent Shout.  That saddened me to no end, so this news takes the red straight out of my ass and gives me hope for a new release from them.  Fingers are crossed.  From what I understand of the work, it is being written for three performers from different backgrounds experiencing the world in three different ways.  This should be interesting.  The Knife’s music is fairly diverse, sometimes hard to listen to, and sometimes just down right creepy.  And I love it.  Olof, the broder,  recently spent time abroad “at a field… in the Amazon, to record animals, fish, and plants” for the project.  That coupled with styling from Japanese coreographer Hiroaki Umeda made me sweat with excitement.  Then came the photos.  Shot by sister, Karin.  Oh muh gah.

Tomorrow in a Year

Chances of me seeing this piece are slim to none, but I have something else to hold me over.

While Olof was deep in the Amazon recording nature, Karin was slaving away on a solo project called Fever Ray. Set for an early 2009 release, the record is rumored to be darker and moodier than any of the work she did with The Knife. I will believe that one when I see it, a few of the tracks on Silent Shout kind of creep me out.   “Forest Families” to name one.  I love the song, but there is just something about it.  It could just be me associating the song with driving home from a friends house once, in God-knows-where Oregon, at wee hours in the morning?  Or it’s just a really, really great creepy song?

Either way, the point is Fever Ray is one to watch in 2009.

After the opera and after Karin drops, what I think is going to be a masterpiece of an album, it will only leaving me wanting four things.

One. A new record from The Knife.

Two. A tour.

Three. A stop in Portland.

Four. Olof & Karin are to become my new BFF’s.

That’s not asking for too much, is it?

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