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couture bag lady meets headgear extravaganza

posted by:  audra

okay, audra, becoolbecoolbecool…

you guys ready to lose your shit?!  never mind the crappy perez hilton-esque art i’ve created, but alex was just screaming for a heart to be drawn around him!  i just saw the new alexander mcqueen fall 2009 runway collection… & there just are no words to describe how amazing this stuff is.  okay, maybe a few.  houndstooth.  houndstooth!!  and lots of it!  blacks!  reds!  big hats!  gothic!  big, fat, wax-like lips!  birds!  feathers!  flocking together!  ridiculous hats!  models without eyebrows!

…and i can’t help but think that the hats he designed are a sweet little nod to my idol, isabella blow.  she discovered alex, you know!

ready, kids?!  brace yourselves…you may need to run & grab a towel right quick…your knickers will experience dampness…in fact, you might just come in your panties:

while you’re all in a fashion-tizzy, get your lube ready & watch this.  it’s like fashion porn!  awesome!  and there’s even mention of edie beale.  shit, i think my head may explode.  isn’t this stuff just so fucking rad you can barely stand it?!  oh…it makes my chest feel like hot cherry pie…& then i think of the smell of brand new plastic beach balls & realize that not every single person on earth is a complete moron.  thank you, alex!  i heart you real hard.

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what all boys should be wearing…

posted by:  audra

so, now that it’s nearing the end of january, i’ve found myself all in a tizzy about spring approaching.  in a bad way.  because after spring of course comes summer…& i’m not looking forward to sweating & having my thighs stick together.  again.  i really wish it could be perpetually 45 degrees & mostly cloudy.  some sun is okay, but too much is bad & causes me to freckle.  anyway…let’s look at some delicious photographs from my darling alexander mcqueen‘s fall 2009 men’s ready-to-wear collection in anticipation of october(!).  i never do men’s fashion & thought i should start. these are just some of my favorites, but you can view the entire collection here.

i think this one speaks for itself, don’t you?  it’s not very practical for running errands & such, but you have to admit it would add a bit of whimsy to picking up the dry-cleaning.

this suit with the cropped pants & fingerless gloves totally makes me wet.  so delicious.  i would sleep with anyone wearing this:

this one too.  anyone.  yum.

i love these skinny pants with the tailored jacket.  so cute.

not sure why i liked this one, i think maybe it’s the boots…but the model is soooo pretty too…other than those two things it’s mostly ridiculous.

this one’s fun.  it’s all business on top, but the pants & boxing gloves tell you that he’s not ashamed to go out on a limb for the sake of fashion.  god bless him.

i don’t like muscles, especially really defined abs, so this is pretty gross.  but, again, i liked the gloves & cropped trousers.

i love this.  here we have a perfect example of a classic suit, but edgy & modern.  loves.

this last one reminds me of a gladiator wearing a butcher’s apron, & we all know how i love meat…

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