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more cheap designer shit at target…

posted by:  audra

proenza schouler.  isaac mizrahi.  even sigerson morrison.  and now, for god’s sake…mcq alexander mcqueen for target.  i believe i heard it several weeks ago from nylon, & nearly passed out.  in a bad way.  it’s all fine & stuff that so many designers are now doing low-end lines for target, but it sort of sucks all the glamour out of it, don’t you think?  most of the garments come out looking cheap (because they are) & ill-fitting.  a couple of washes & they’re even more crappy looking.

the only thing semi-exciting about it is that mcqueen used the delicious leila moss as his muse.  then i read this little tidbit & was more excited to see the goods:

skinny jeans with studs, ‘50s-inspired circle skirts, and leather vests, all in shades of black, gray, and white…

really?  hmm.  well, the goods aren’t so good…

the black dress is really the only thing i would consider wearing, but it’s pretty hard to fuck up a black dress.  and actually, the little black blazer is cute too, but i suspect it’s just as ill-fitting as that ridiculous pink pillowcase with holes cut into it.  i don’t mean to sound like a snob, but if you’re going to wear alexander mcqueen, shouldn’t you wear alexander mcqueen?  with all that cheap poly & cotton, you would just know you’re wearing something from target.  i will say that this collection somewhat resembles that of his mcq line…but still — it’s target.  wouldn’t it be way cooler if it was for…i don’t know, h&m or something?

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