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we love you!

posted by:  audra

but do you know why?!  because you’re fucking hilarious!  we have been taking notes of the absolutely hysterical searches you people use to find our blog.  and the spelling errors…so endearing.  rilly.  these are some of our favorites…& i swear on chanel we are not making this shit up!  the first one is my personal favorite:

  • easy go pee (for real!!)
  • erotic japanese video
  • japan erotik vidio
  • “magic wands” nashville
  • “magic wands” “the kills”
  • marc jacobs boots man skirt
  • erotic cats
  • cats erotic
  • erotic tongues
  • erotic tongues,you tube
  • anna nicole fat
  • boys “boxing gloves”
  • erotic art japan
  • cat flicking tongue
  • erotic japanese gameshow
  • margaret cho oh miley
  • skinny boys
  • queer as folk fuck video

god knows i have had to google some pretty embarrassing shit, but come on!  i just sincerely hope that we helped some poor soul use the loo easier.  and apparently searching for all things “erotic” & “tongues” is very popular, & will eventually lead you to us.  which is what we’re aiming for anyway…so, really, everyone wins!  the next time you google ‘easy go pee erotic cats tongues flicking magic wands vidio man skirt’, just know…we love you.

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Erotic tongue-flicking Japanese cats

posted by:  Sam

I was in the middle searching talking cats on YouTube today (don’t ask!) and somehow I came across this video clip from some game show in Japan.  It has nothing to do with cats (except for one mildly erotic tongue-flicking move) so I don’t know how it was included in the mix of videos of cats growling out words.  I’m so glad it was though!

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