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we love you: installment two

posted by:  audra

i’ve been looking at the search history used to find our blog once again, & think it’s time for another one of these…some are just too awesome not to share!  here are some of my favorites since last march:

  • 1950’s fuck my mom (awesome.)
  • “fever ray” “creepy song”
  • “sitting shoes”
  • im sorry wrist cut suicide
  • bloody wrist
  • deep cut wrist (jesus, you guys!)
  • anorexic bondage
  • tall fuck (really…?)
  • i’m on a boat
  • “flat chested” “training bra”
  • “fishnets over my head”
  • katey segal feet
  • katey sagal beauty
  • peggy bundy
  • bastards of young (the band or the song?  maybe both?  sigh.  the mind quails.)
  • menswear review (good work…as you should be reviewing menswear!)
  • sweet jane blackboots & blackhearts  (and sometimes when you blog about bands, they find your blog and then they blog about you blogging about them!!  fucking rad!)

and my personal favorite…

wait for it…


  • lucky guy fucking audra

and of course it’s about me!

anyway, this all tells me that the strangers we’re attracting are suicidal masochists with a penchant for katey sagal.  and i’m perfectly okay with that.

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Sweet Jane

posted by:  Sam

Sweet Jesus.  It’s possible I might be in love with this hot little Irish band, Sweet Jane.  For a split second I thought they may just be too good to be true.  Imagine The Raveonettes, The Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain all having a baby together.  Yeah, I know!  Then I read they have toured with The Kills, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Duke Spirit and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!  My God, some of my favorites all wrapped up into one delicious Irish bundle… sigh!

I recently purchased their EP, Blackboots Blackhearts from iTunes and was not immediately disappointed.  The comparisons to such legendary bands can sometimes equal bad news, but I think it is safe to say they’re dead on.

I’m still fairly new to it, so I can’t say I am officially obsessed with them yet, but they show incredible promise.  I need to create more time with the record.  It’s sad, the same day I made the purchase I also picked up the new Fever Ray record… and haven’t been able to put it down.  Unfortunately, others are forced into the backseat.  But, not for long.  I am forcing my way out of the Fever Ray fog, and ready to dive head first into the fuzzy sexiness of Sweet Jane.

Since they are on the up & up, it is sort of slim pickin’s on YouTube for any videos or live footage… but I did discover this acoustic performance.

I think I might be on to something here.

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