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audra: the stunning marilyn minter

i couldn’t possibly wait another second for this(!).  i was introduced to the work of artist/photographer marilyn minter about a year & a half ago by a coworker of mine, who was also an art history teacher.  the description i was given by her was that minter takes something glamorous & shows its dirty side.   of course, i had to investigate…

the short version…  in 1976, marilyn minter moved from florida to new york city at the age of 28.  there she obtained a fine arts degree, began working in manhattan nightclubs, as well as teaching in an all-boys’ catholic school.  seriously, is there a better recipe for greatness?  catholic boys + art + nyc in the 70s?  really?  one can only assume this leads to porn.  as fate would have it, in 1989 she did a series of hardcore pornography based artwork…and goodness gracious, how the self righteous shoulder pad clad feminists recoiled.

but lucky for us though, she is still at it.  her most recent work is most exquisite…makeup caked faces, bruised & cracked feet in tall, glamorous heels, muddy shins, glitter smeared eyes, lacquered mouths choking on costume jewelery…and all shot in super-detailed closeups.  it makes me wish everyone vomited bejeweled baubles.  i think she really makes you see the comedy in putting on a pretty face, and then making a hot mess out of yourself.  beauty isn’t pretty, kids.


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