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Color me impressed

posted by:  Sam

I’ve been a fan of David LaChapelle‘s work for quite some time now, and I finally broke down and purchased his book Hotel LaChapelle yesterday.  What was I waiting for?  The book is gorgeous, humorous and over the top… much like the way I choose to describe myself.  Take a look:

See?  Amazing, right?!  Well, there’s more.  While still in the photography section of the bookstore, another book jumped off the shelf and begged me to take it home.  After thumbing through just a handful of pages, I had no other choice.

Pierre et Gilles are both artistic and romantic partners who began creating their striking erotic/religious/controversial works in the 1970’s.  I spent a good portion of the evening last night with this book, and realized I have seen quite a few of their photographs over the years, I just had no clue whom the artists were.  I learned the duo were solely responsible for building their sets, all photography and all retouching.  Color me impressed.


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oh. my. god.

posted by:  audra

mko for interview magazinesam was watching the news the other night, & scurried in to tell me to google mary-kate’s interview magazine spread for march.  anyone else but m-k, & i probably would have finished what i was doing first…but for her, everything stops.

christopher bollen interviews the better olsen twin in the march issue of interview.   i’m so, so excited for this…the photographs look amazing.  can she look any hotter?  really?  all pasty & tasty with her platinum blonde hair & smoky eye-makeup…?  sigh!  i just want to snap off her little bony fingers & eat them one by one whilst stroking her big head & gazing into her gigantic elfin eyes.  so delicious:

the wordpress police wouldn’t let me post the video of the photoshoot, & i think interview has already taken it down anyway… but you should take but a second to skim part of the interview here.  so good.  you won’t be sorry.  i promise! oh, and p.s…  remember when i was fretting about m-k being pregnant, months ago?  i’m so, so relieved those rumors proved to be false.  it looks like she slimmed down some, too.  thank heavens.

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Oh Cho you didn’t!

posted by:  Sam

Oh Cho you didn't!

Margaret Cho didn’t really need to do anything else to make me love her more than I already do.  She is hilarious.  And smart.  And I always thought of her as someone you would want on your side if a fight ever broke out.  And(!) she hates Miley Cyrus.  Maybe even more than I do.

It’s not Cyrus’ music or her acting that irritates me… even though they both are awful.  It’s the way she conducts herself in interviews that gets under my skin.  Her speaking voice is terrible, she calls everyone ‘dude‘, and she constantly sucks her teeth.  It’s disgusting.  I know, I know, she’s only 10 or whatever… but really.  She makes me want to hurt someone. Oh, and did I mention she’s racist?

Dude look, I've got chinky eyes!

Yeah… with this little “funny face” she managed to piss off the Asian community and really piss off my homegirl, Margaret.  So much so, it inspired Cho to pen this little ditty.  Oh snap!

Miley Cyrus made some chinky eyes
Standing behind an Asian guy
I don’t know if this should fly
As if there wasn’t enough to despise

I wasn’t necessarily a fan of
Her, her dad, or Hannah Montana
I tend to prefer the songs of Rihanna
Racism against Asians is simply bananas!

Oh Miley!
Chinky eyes make you look wily
prejudice isn’t thought of so highly
it doesn’t make us all smiley

Why is there nothing that Asians can do?
To make fun of other races as easily as you
Why isn’t racism against Asians taboo?
Why are we always so racially screwed!

All you have to do is pull at your face
To make your eyelids resemble our race
This kind of joke has no proper place
Miley Cyrus is a disgrace!

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i lv madonna

posted by:  audra

whilst standing in line at the whole foods the other day, i was perusing the magazine display like i normally would.  then in a moment of sheer panic, i spotted the february issue of vogue; i’d let my subscription expire.  shame.  it’s likely the first issue i’ve missed since i was 17.

of course i bought a copy, & i’m so happy i did…  inside the cover are these gorgeous, dare i say immaculate photographs of madonna she did for the new louis vuitton ads.  they’re set in what looks to me like a smoky little french bar with checkered floors & cafe chairs.  and she’s wearing fishnet tights.  what is not to love?

i had to hunt down some photographs to post for you, & in doing so i came across this article from the daily mail.  normally i love this british gossip rag, but it made me so pissed that i may have lost all my love & devotion for them.  you can read the whole mess in it’s entirety for yourself, but just some snippets from it say that she should ‘put it away’ and that she ‘strikes raunchiest pose ever’.  and that’s just the headline.

what the fuck?!  these are tasteful, sexy & very covered up, in my opinion.  they went on to say that they ‘seemed more lad’s mag than high fashion’.  jesus.  really?  they even said the older she gets ‘the more skin she insists on revealing’. hmm, well there’s hardly any skin revealed in these shots, so whatever.  i love them.  i love her.  fuck the daily mail.

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Ward 81

posted by:  Sam

A friend of mine recently loaned me an incredible book called, Ward 81.  The way she described the book to me gave me goosebumps, and actually seeing it left me breathless.  The photography is a little unnerving at times, and a little voyeuristic… but unbelievably beautiful.  Thank you, Marcia!

In 1976 two women spent thirty-six days inside Ward 81 at the Oregon State Hospital.  The same mental institution where One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was filmed.  Mary Ellen Mark was initially at the hospital on assignment to write a magazine article on the making of the film.   During her time there, she met some of the women of Ward 81.   This inspired her to return with social scientist/writer friend Karen Folger Jacobs and live in the secured ward.  A very brave move, considering the ward was the only locked ladies unit in the facility and the women inside were considered dangerous.  Not only to themselves, but to others as well.

Thank God they survived; had they not, we may have never had the opportunity to reward our eyes with these gorgeous shots.

Since I am completely obsessed with YouTube… I have to share this music video from garage rockers The Fuzztones; appropriately titled… wait for it…

Ward 81.

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