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Sam: Snow dance

Portland is apparently going to be hit with another snowy weather event tonight or early tomorrow morning.  The first one on Sunday wasn’t that bad but, in typical fashion, paralyzed most of the city.  Today, most of the people in the office I work in were all worked up about the possibility of a snow day tomorrow.  As I was leaving work this afternoon I was inundated with phrases like, “keep your fingers crossed for tonight” and “be sure to do a snow dance tonight“.   The snow dance remark I’ve heard before, but it wasn’t until today that it struck me as kind of funny.

What exactly is a snow dance and how exactly does one perform it?   Are there specific steps?  Can just anyone do it?  If you do it incorrectly are you stuck with rain?  I thought about this the whole way home and concluded that it must be different for everyone, and you have to put your heart into it and really believe for it to work.  So tonight, after I get back from stocking up on food and beer at the store – just in case(!), and with thoughts of blizzards in my head… I’m pretty sure my snow dance will look something like this.

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