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Color me impressed

posted by:  Sam

I’ve been a fan of David LaChapelle‘s work for quite some time now, and I finally broke down and purchased his book Hotel LaChapelle yesterday.  What was I waiting for?  The book is gorgeous, humorous and over the top… much like the way I choose to describe myself.  Take a look:

See?  Amazing, right?!  Well, there’s more.  While still in the photography section of the bookstore, another book jumped off the shelf and begged me to take it home.  After thumbing through just a handful of pages, I had no other choice.

Pierre et Gilles are both artistic and romantic partners who began creating their striking erotic/religious/controversial works in the 1970’s.  I spent a good portion of the evening last night with this book, and realized I have seen quite a few of their photographs over the years, I just had no clue whom the artists were.  I learned the duo were solely responsible for building their sets, all photography and all retouching.  Color me impressed.


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but the movie kept moving as planned…

posted by: audra

maybe not quite a nightmare, but the new-ish steven sebring film dream of life documenting ten years of patti smith’s life isn’t such a dream.  i had such, such excruciatingly high hopes for this little gem.  i love me some patti, & even after reading some not-so-great reviews i still wanted to believe this would become my new favorite film.  it was showing at cinema 21 for like, a day, & i totally dropped the ball & missed it.  sigh.  the days leading up to the film’s release, i replayed the trailer over & over; goosebumps every time:

doesn’t that look so amazing?!  even after watching the film, the trailer still makes me all giddy & squealy.

…but, the film itself is just sort of a mishmash of really beautiful cinematography set to patti yammering in her native poetic tongue.  i read someplace — i think in entertainment weekly? — that instead of an intimate biopic about patti & getting to know her, you leave the film knowing less about her than you did before.  that’s so true; she comes off completely nuts, which is okay, but i wanted something a little bit more personal, & less babelogue.  maybe that’s how she really is, all the time though…?  is that what she’s going for; the mysterious ‘i’m-way-more-evolved-than-you’ vibe?  whatever.   i had the uh-mazing experience of meeting patti in the summer of 2007, her wonky eye & all.  bless her.  wandering around looking like a homeless woman.  i must’ve startled her with all my lip gloss when i spat out that she was my idol; she looked me up & down, but of course greeted me politely.  i’ve never been so self-concious of wearing black lace with heels in all my life.

anyway.  sebring’s work in dream of life is gorgeous.  every scene is like a photograph…it somewhat reminded me of anton corbijn.  it’s just the material that’s lacking, like a boring reality show that they neglected to edit the bad parts out of.   however, the one thing i did learn, is that patti lives in detroit.  really.  either i know too much about her already, or it’s really this uninformative.  spending ten years on a film, you’d think it would give away something really painfully revealing.  oh well.  perhaps her inner most secrets that make her so fucking cool are best kept so.   i still want to devour each & every bit of her.  it doesn’t get any cooler than patti.  ever.  it just doesn’t.

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i lv madonna

posted by:  audra

whilst standing in line at the whole foods the other day, i was perusing the magazine display like i normally would.  then in a moment of sheer panic, i spotted the february issue of vogue; i’d let my subscription expire.  shame.  it’s likely the first issue i’ve missed since i was 17.

of course i bought a copy, & i’m so happy i did…  inside the cover are these gorgeous, dare i say immaculate photographs of madonna she did for the new louis vuitton ads.  they’re set in what looks to me like a smoky little french bar with checkered floors & cafe chairs.  and she’s wearing fishnet tights.  what is not to love?

i had to hunt down some photographs to post for you, & in doing so i came across this article from the daily mail.  normally i love this british gossip rag, but it made me so pissed that i may have lost all my love & devotion for them.  you can read the whole mess in it’s entirety for yourself, but just some snippets from it say that she should ‘put it away’ and that she ‘strikes raunchiest pose ever’.  and that’s just the headline.

what the fuck?!  these are tasteful, sexy & very covered up, in my opinion.  they went on to say that they ‘seemed more lad’s mag than high fashion’.  jesus.  really?  they even said the older she gets ‘the more skin she insists on revealing’. hmm, well there’s hardly any skin revealed in these shots, so whatever.  i love them.  i love her.  fuck the daily mail.

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cuffs, stuff & bouviers

posted by:  audra

i was just sitting around this evening, wishing i still owned a debbie gibson record…whilst listening to vintage kimmy gordon & thurston moore of course.  then i thought it wise to peruse the bible since i wasn’t about to purchase ‘lost in your eyes’ from itunes.

so much deliciousness, you guys.  i discovered jewelery designers, giles & brother. you have to visit the website. you just do. a brother & sister designing duo…& you know how i love incest a brother & sister working together with leather & metal(!).  fat leather cuffs, gold safety pin necklaces, screw cufflinks…yum.  of course their naughty internet police wouldn’t let me upload any nuggets to see…of course.  so you just have to go yourself — and ignore the rhinestone bangles.  and the seahorse charm.  and…

speaking of rad, sam & i watched the 1975 documentary, grey gardens tonight for the very first time.  i’ve been absolutely dying to see this film my entire life.  believe it.  i don’t know what the fuck took so long;  i’m obsessed with jackie kennedy…i painted a version of the portrait andy warhol did of her in a college painting class, & listened to ‘jackie’s strength’ by tori amos for weeks;  i ended up leaving my canvas there at the end of the term for a couple weeks, & lo & behold, it was gone when i went to fetch it.  i was heartbroken.   the house of yes is also one of my very, very favorite films ever.  again with the incest.  is that what i get for being an only child?  anyway.  the first time i saw that film, i wanted to splatter fake blood on myself,  glue macaroni to a pink suit & pull a jackie…

…so you can imagine my anticipation for this film.  the documentary follows jackie kennedy’s aunt & first cousin (edith “big edie” ewing bouvier beale & edith bouvier beale “little edie”) as they live in a complete hot mess of a gorgeous twenty-eight room mansion in east hampton.  but the mum & daughter haven’t any money, live in filth, sing constantly, don’t leave the house & have racoons residing in the attic…to which they feed wonder bread.  the health department nearly condemned the house because of its condition, but jackie stepped in & helped clean it up a spot.

this film made me feel crazy just watching it…it totally pulls you in as an eavesdropper, like the maysles brothers are geniuses of doing.  the living conditions of these women are absolutely disgusting, but little edie is still glamorous.  she’s always done up in hose, a skirt –pinned at the hip– heels & a headscarf…because she really hasn’t a hair on her head.  nor eyebrows.  oh god, is this my future?

i had totally forgotten halfway through the film that it was a documentary.  grey gardens is very john waters-esque, only without the divine divine & odor-rama.  it really crushed me that this beautiful estate was being wrecked by former debutantes…jackie must’ve been horrified by the release of this film.   little edie goes on & on about leaving grey gardens…how she hates the country & misses the city, but she never leaves.  it’s sad & hilarious at the same time.  the most gorgeous part of the film is near the beginning when little edie says, “it’s very difficult to keep the line between the past & the present, you know what i mean?”  i nearly passed.  out.  what with rufus wainwright being my bff & all…where have you been all my life?

looky-loo…feel the crazy:

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audra: blow me

i love me some isabella blow.  after last night’s hot mess of a resolution post, i got to thinking about wearing hats more often (à la blow) & her incredible iconic stature.  famous among fashionistas for eccentric hat-wearing, she died may 7th, 2007; just a single day following a one person cocktail party she hosted with a bottle of the herbicide paraquat.  isabella was dying of ovarian cancer, & instead of succumbing to the disease, she decided it best to off herself on her own terms…something her grandfather & father-in-law had done themselves in the past.

born in london, isabella bounced around from job to job – once even as a maid – & eventually moved to new york city in 1979 when she was 21.  by 1981, she was working directly for andre leon talley at vogue(!), and went on to be anna wintour’s assistant(!!).  as if she couldn’t possibly get any more rad, blow was apparently bffs with andy warhol & jean-michel basquiat.

in all this investigation, i found out that isabella is the genius behind discovering some of my favorite-favorite style icons like alexander mcqueen(!), sophie dahl & stella tennant.  it has also been noted that the reason she always wore such face-obstructing hats was to hide her face; she thought she was ugly.  that broke my heart.

but then i read this quote from her on wikipedia, offering a cooler guise for the bizarre hats:

…to keep everyone away from me. they say, oh, can i kiss you? i say, no, thank you very much. that’s why i’ve worn the hat. goodbye. i don’t want to be kissed by all and sundry. i want to be kissed by the people i love.

i love that.  you see?  this is why i should be wearing hats all the time.  it would help filter out all the unwanted kissersby.  i love what she says in the clip below too, “i hate crap.  i like craftsmanship.”  and how her “…ingredients are clothes.”  lovely.  be sure to note her impeccable taste in haircuts as well.

i still miss her terribly.  however, whilst doing a bit of research, i read that she’d attempted suicide many times in 2007 before the weedkiller cocktail incident; various overdoses, purposely driving her car into the back end of a truck…she even tried drowning herself.  i’m happy she went out with a little bit of drama instead of becoming another cancer victim.  good for her.  that’s some damn good craftsmanship, wouldn’t you say?

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audra: i love getting stuff

my top five favorite gifts baby jeebus bought me this year(!):

betsey johnson booties from fucking darling.  hot pink polka dots inside!

betsey johnson booties from fucking darling. hot pink polka dots inside!

just look at the soles of these!  so cute its gross.

just look at the soles of these! so cute it's gross.

influence by mko & ao.  even radder than expected.

influence by mko & ao. even radder than expected.

lambskin cate adair clutch.  lavender inside!

lambskin cate adair clutch. lavender inside!

documentary of cynthia plaster caster(!)

documentary of cynthia plaster caster(!)

oh, jayne...

oh, jayne...

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Sam: Candy Says…

Many things make me happy, and one of them just happens to be a photograph of a sick tranny on a death bed. Candy Darling on her Death Bed shot by­­­ ­Peter Hujar in 1974 is stunning.  At first I thought this photograph was just a brilliant shot.  Little did I know she really was on her death bed, filled with cancer that was consuming her body faster than a fat kid tearing through a bag of Doritos.  I love the idea of finding beauty in the macabre.  Who knew being sick could be so glamorous?


In a desperate attempt to ditch the body she was born into, Candy Darling began injecting unsanctioned hormones and as a result she developed leukemia. After a bout with pneumonia, she took off for the big disco ball in the sky on March 21st, 1974 at the age of 29.  She is still very much alive in my household.  We see her often.  Sometimes on TV.  Sometimes in the record collection.  The photo above serves as the cover art for Antony & the Johnsons haunting record I Am a Bird Now.  We even almost named one of the tree frogs that invaded our patio over the summer after her.  The honors ended up going to fellow Factory girl, Edie Sedgwick.  She is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson said it best, “Candy, Candy, Candy I can’t let you go”.

In a letter intended for Andy Warhol written from her death bed, Candy said, “Unfortunately before my death I had no desire left for life . . . I am just so bored by everything. You might say bored to death. Did you know I couldn’t last. I always knew it. I wish I could meet you all again.”

Bored to death.  So, she taught us all that getting sick can be glamorous… and apparently funny too.  Bravo, Ms. Darling!

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audra: the stunning marilyn minter

i couldn’t possibly wait another second for this(!).  i was introduced to the work of artist/photographer marilyn minter about a year & a half ago by a coworker of mine, who was also an art history teacher.  the description i was given by her was that minter takes something glamorous & shows its dirty side.   of course, i had to investigate…

the short version…  in 1976, marilyn minter moved from florida to new york city at the age of 28.  there she obtained a fine arts degree, began working in manhattan nightclubs, as well as teaching in an all-boys’ catholic school.  seriously, is there a better recipe for greatness?  catholic boys + art + nyc in the 70s?  really?  one can only assume this leads to porn.  as fate would have it, in 1989 she did a series of hardcore pornography based artwork…and goodness gracious, how the self righteous shoulder pad clad feminists recoiled.

but lucky for us though, she is still at it.  her most recent work is most exquisite…makeup caked faces, bruised & cracked feet in tall, glamorous heels, muddy shins, glitter smeared eyes, lacquered mouths choking on costume jewelery…and all shot in super-detailed closeups.  it makes me wish everyone vomited bejeweled baubles.  i think she really makes you see the comedy in putting on a pretty face, and then making a hot mess out of yourself.  beauty isn’t pretty, kids.


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