drugstore things & such that don’t totally suck

posted by:  audra

i dedicate this one to the lush list, my favorite beauty blog!  get excited.  ready?

i’m a total product snob…i can’t help it.  ever since my mom bought me a tube of lancôme définicils mascara when i was 15, i never (willingly) went back to cheap mascara…or any cheap cosmetic for that matter.  but, occasionally, you’re in the middle of getting ready & realize that you’re out of ysl liquid eyeliner.  shit!  what to do?!  sephora is too far away, so that’s out of the question.  no.  you pull on your stretchy black yoga pants & go to the drugstore down the way.  here are some of my favorites…

speaking of liquid eyeliner, wet ‘n’ wild actually makes a really good one.  it’s like 2 bucks, so who cares if you’ve screwed the cap on so tight that it cracked & then dried up(!)?  the container is pretty cute, but i have to admit that having wet ‘n’ wild in my makeup bag is a little embarrassing…so i’m happy when the lettering wears off & leaves me with a clean, black vial.  oh my god, how shallow is that?!

anyway.  next!

burt’s bees carrot nutritive night creme is awesome.   i’ve used many a high-end night creme & i prefer this one.  it’s not really a ‘creme’, it’s more of just a creamy-ish oil.  so many oils.  like, 7 or 8(!).  the first time i put this on, i thought it was trouble.  so oily! my bangs stuck to my forehead & if i moved my head real quick to one side, my hair would stick to my cheeks.  gross.  but! you think you will awaken to a broken-out face & looking like a greasy little piggy…but you don’t.  you’ll wake up with smooth skin that’s perfectly moisturized & soft.

ardell lashes.  again, i’ve tried the high-end lashes; the mac ones were the worst!  terribly flimsy…so much so that i got so pissed & irritated trying to get them on that i ended up cutting them in half & just using the outside portions.  what a disaster.  that was over a year ago, & i remember that night like it was yesterday…i threw a tantrum in the bathroom & theatened not going out & staying home because i couldn’t get my ‘fucking lashes on right’.  so dramatic!  anyway, these always stay firm enough to set them on your natural lashes & they don’t fall before the glue sets, but flexible enough so you are able to move them around some, if need be.  i finish mine with a coat of mascara to blend the lashes & am usually able to rewear them 3 or 4 times…just be sure to put them back onto the platform overnight to hold their shape!

veet.  my best friend forever.  love of my life.  the magic foaming cream that makes my naughty bits smooth.  i love this shit. but!  do not use this on your testicles!  bad things happen!  and for god’s sake, don’t stand in the kitchen texting whilst veeting your special girl bits!  you may accidentally drop your phone into your business & be picking dried veet out from the keypad for months.

st. ives microdermabrasion.  yes, yes…again, i’ve used dozens of high-end scrubs, but i love this.   i exfoliate my shit twice a day, so i’m not about to pay 50 bucks an ounce for something that i’m just going to run out of in a week.  so there.  it just makes my face perfectly polished afterward & smells nice.  and i like to think that i’m getting rid of fine lines & the beginning stages of crow’s feet, too.

does it count if it’s a salon brand?!  whatever.  pureology colourmax.  i hadn’t used any pureology products until my husband won a raffle at a rose city rollers benefit last year.  it was a gift bag filled with pureology, innersense (which is amazing!), and porn.  pureology is 100% vegan & stuff, which is nice…but i really just like how it smells.  like roses.  it’s supposed to extend the life of your hair color…but does it really matter if my hair color’s permanent?  the thing i really want to prevent is root-growth; but that can only be solved by dyeing my hair again.  after i wash my hair at night, i hose it down with this stuff & then blow-dry it.  my hair literally feels like straw during the day with all the product in it & this stuff restores it to its naturally silky state!

okay!  my last thing is an impulse buy that i picked up the other night.  i don’t even know why i was in the aisle…but i grabbed the garnier nutritioniste nutri-pure detoxifying wet cleansing towelettes, just for funsies.  for whatever reason, i was  really excited to try them.  so, i ripped off my lashes & went to town.  i was skeptical…but! these cleaned my face perfectly!  it claims to instantly remove makeup & mascara, & it totally does!  and i wear a shit ton of makeup!  my nars eyeliner that doesn’t come off, even after showering & cotton-swabbing?  gone!  my mac mascara x that’s impossible to remove sometimes?  also gone!  and no eye irratation.  none.  you’d better believe i was really scrubbing my eyes hard, too.  they smell good & i thought my face would be dry afterwards…but instead it felt moist & supple.  my skin is  super-sensitive & i haven’t broken out yet…well, there’s one obscene blemish on my face that refuses to leave, but that was before i bought these…i’ll let you know how it goes.


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5 responses to “drugstore things & such that don’t totally suck

  1. Jenny Mayo

    Thank you thank you!!! I am super excited to try the face cleansing towelette thingies… maybe I will bother to wash my face off at night if it’s that easy. Wheee!

  2. art to choke on

    you’re welcome, babydoll. let me know what you think! …but don’t tell me you’re not washing your pretty face at night…?

    • Jenny

      Guilty. I hardly ever wash my face at night. I don’t wear foundation or powder or anything so it’s not so horrible… right??? It’s just eye makeup. But still… I know I should. And perhaps you’ve shown me the way.

  3. Favorite Granola Products:

    eyeliner from Macy’s organic line. It’s the only one I’ve ever been able to get on with success. Super smooth.

    I found some pressed foundation at the Body Shop at the airport that has served me well in all my travels. Easy.

    Aubrey Natural Sports Bath. Oh, this is the yummiest stuff ever. Cloves, wintergreen, and kava kava. Yes, please. So yummy. I cannot emphasize this enough.

    Dr. Bronner’s lavendar soap. All-purpose. Doesn’t dry skin or leave creepy film.

    Zia Papaya Enzyme Peel.

    Aura Cacia lavender massage and bath oil. It is great for both purposes, but I also put it directly on my face when my skin is dry because it’s not full of wax and junk. Skin drinks it right up. It also helps sunburns heal, especially if you mix with a little aloe.

    I’m looking for a waterproof or water resistant mascara that’s cruelty free. After you work in an animal research lab, you can’t unknow what you know. I have a long list of cruelty-free mascaras that suck including Aveda, Ecco Bella, and The Body Shop. Lately, I’ve been using Avon’s waterproof one. It’s alright.

    Don’t get me started on my long list of cruelty-free aluminum-free natural deodorants that suck. There are plenty. Tom’s of Maine Lavendar works pretty well. And if you don’t need it to last more than a half of a day, Jason’s apricot and E smells yummy.

    I love Terra Tints for lip color with SPF that holds up even when I’m playing outside. They no longer make my favorite color though, and I’m pretty mad about that. Other than that, I’m still looking for the perfect lipstick. Mostly, it’s the perfect color for redheads that eludes me. There’s one I got from that organic Macy’s line that has a nice pepperminty thing going for it and bonus, no carbowax– which is what I used to preserve artifacts when I was an archaeologist. Carbowax has formaldehyde in it and is a main ingredient in most lipsticks. Gross. Grosser than mineral oil, which I’m sorry people, is super gross and has no place on our skin.

    Avalon Organics lavender lotion is nice and doesn’t have any of that carcinogenic fragrance in it. It also helped a sunburn heal.

    • art to choke on

      thank you, auntie kaya!!

      i LOVE dr. bronner’s products. i can’t believe i didn’t include them on my listy-loo. the peppermint soap is my favorite!

      as far as water-resistant/proof mascara, i can’t help you there. i can never get that stuff off, so i always buy regular. i reeeally like tarte’s mascara & i believe it to be cruelty-free(?!). i think. and i think they make a waterproof as well.

      avalon organics is another favorite of mine! damn it! where were you when i was writing this shit?! again, the peppermint handsoap…LOVE it. it’s a bathroom staple in my house. and the lemon moisturizer? so delicious! i actually HAVE tasted it. just once though, and i wouldn’t recommend it.

      thanks again for the granola suggestions! i will totally look into them. miss you & can’t wait to see you next month! hearts!!

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