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worst day ever…?!

posted by:  audra

i’m pretty sure it is.  not that anything really bad has happened.  yet.  except that i raked the shit out of my patent leather heel on a curb today.  i’m still feeling out of sorts, nothing is pleasing me at the moment, & i have a headache.  i was also blessed with my period this week, to compliment my sickness.  awesome.  i have a sick little period story to share as well, but i’ll spare you that for now.  hint:  sticky thighs (in a bad way!).

sigh…it’s actually not that bad.  i look awful though, really awful!  apparently not wearing makeup for 2 days will make me breakout.  that was news to me, too, kids!  or maybe it was just from wearing my eye-shade for 48 hours straight.  don’t fret — i washed that night-cream caked shit last night.

something else weird has happened to me this week…aside from the no-drinking/smoking thing:  i still haven’t been eating.  believe it.  last night the only thing that sounded halfway decent for dinner was some mac & cheese.  not only did i not finish it, i barely had half of it.  and that was a struggle.  and then for my morning breaks, i always have 2 low-fat babybel  cheeses.  today was like pulling teeth just trying to get one down!  maybe it’s because i can’t taste anything?  what would happen if i tried a hot dog?  would that turn on me too?  oh god…

but that’s not such a bad thing!  if i can keep this up, & perhaps do a little pilates here & there, too…i’m well on my way to getting the debbie-harry-circa-1976 body i’ve been dreaming of.  we’ll see…

in other news, over the weekend — i believe sunday evening — we finally watched the go-getter.  with my delicious boy-treat lou pucci.  it was….alright.  it was mostly boring, actually.  the soundtrack was cool though; lots of m. ward, elliott smith, black keys, animal collective…  m. ward did the soundtrack, so naturally he would shove himself in there as often as he could .  in a good way, though.  the cinematography was amazing…but it seemed to me they spent more time on that than the actual content.  not a film i would recommend.  unless you like that sort of thing.

speaking of which!  have you all seen nick & norah’s infinite playlist yet?  oh god.  i was so excited for it…not so excited i went to the theater, but excited nonetheless.  well, we watched it this weekend as well.  retarded!  i really found it profoundly dumb & irritating.  where was the infinite playlist?  i thought maybe they would make each other mixtapes & drive around all night listening to them?  no.  the boy makes a few compilations for his ex-girlfriend at the beginning of the film & she throws them away in the trash bin.  grubby little norah thinks he’s the best mix-maker ever, so she digs them out & listens to them.  there’s a really horrific part in the film that i just couldn’t handle:  norah’s dumb drunk friend is a gum-chewer.  she’s super drunk — in the train station i think — throws up in a bathroom stall & out goes her gum.  and her phone.  she drops her gum & phone in the vomited-in-toilet.  of course she goes in after both!  indeed her phone still works (?!) and declares the gum still chewable.  fucking sick!  that’s not funny.  nor necessary to the plot.  and this movie just reinforced my belief that michael cera is repulsive & kat dennings is gross & stupid.

and there you have it.  i’m just feeling sorry for myself today.  now i feel better!  thank you for listening!  i love you.

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so this is what i’ve been doing…

posted by:  audra

i’ve been so sick, you guys!  as in no drinking, no smoking, no putting on makeup, not even eating sick!  i think it’s just the flu.  i had caught a lite sneeze sunday afternoon…actually it was more of some pressure in my chest, with a little itchiness…like i’d run around the block on a super-cold day.

then monday at work, i started feeling a lot less than sparkling.  after lunch i had a full-blown fever, complete with nonstop goosebumps in an otherwise i’m-always-fucking-sweating environment.  coughing, runny nose…oh god.  when i got home that night, i promptly passed out in my chaise for a few minutes & i knew it was trouble.

i kissed a few people over the weekend, i did.  friday night.  which one of you fuckers gave me this nasty little treat?!  i have barely been able to get off the couch, let alone put a little lippy on.  i haven’t been this sick in 10 years, & i’m not happy about it.

although i have lost 6 lbs. thanks to the no-food/lying around bit.

i’ll be back soon, i promise!  i mean, i have to tell you all about my new crush…

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Dakota Fanning: the new Cherie Currie?

posted by:  Sam

Rumor has it little Dakota Fanning is in talks to play Cherie Currie in an up-coming biopic about The Runaways.  My first thought was, really?  Then I saw some recent pictures of Fanning and thought, hmm… maybe.  She’s fifteen-ish now, right?  That’s the same age as Currie was when she made her debut in the band around 1975.

But can she pull it off?

We shall see.  But, to be completely honest, I am way more concerned with who they plan to cast as my beloved Lita Ford.  Choose wisely, my friends.  Choose wisely.

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posted by:  Sam

You have no idea how excited I am for the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album.  It’s Blitz! isn’t officially out until later this month, although word on the street is it has been leaked on-line.   I really hope I am not building myself up too much… I just really, really, have a good feeling about this one.  Especially after hearing the first single, ‘Zero‘.  It’s a different sound for them, but oh-so-good!  Go here to listen.

And don’t even get me started on the album cover.  Sigh!

If the cover & the song weren’t enough, I saw these promotional videos on YouTube today.  Oh.  My.  God.  There were only two, and a third would  make sense and is probably on the way… but I couldn’t wait any longer to post.  I might explode.  Really.

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another hair removal product i may need…

posted by:  audra

is it gross that i kinda want this real bad?!  a little pad you rub on your body until unwanted hair just disappears?  it exfoliates too!  rad!  smooth away promises easy, safe & painless hair removal, which is far more than i can say for veet.  don’t get me wrong, veet & i are bosom buddies.  it’s just that sometimes she turns on me.  even when i haven’t left her on too long, she starts burning me.  and that typically happens right betwixt the thighs, leaving it to be rubbed even more raw later.  god help me if i actually wore knickers.  what a disaster.

apparently smooth away can be used every day…but maybe it’s easier & quicker to just shave every day?  and i’m a little hesitant to get some…you know, what with the whole buffing-off-hair thing.  whenever i file down my calloused hooves, i inevitably draw blood.  i just get so excited for being smooth that i’m a little too enthusiastic.  so, knowing my filing habits, i can just see scabby arms, legs & naughty bits in my future…

…and perhaps i should add that i’m not excessively hairy or anything…i just like to keep it neat; say yes for smooth!  look how awesome it is(!):


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An Horse

posted by:  Sam

I don’t think they will become my new favorite band or anything, but Australian duo An Horse definitely has some promise.   They’ve already shared the stage with Tegan and Sara, and Death Cab For Cutie… I know, I know… not high on my ‘OMG’ scale, but there is something about this band I want to like.  To me they kind of sound like Sleater-Kinney making radio-friendly pop songs… which I just realized is a little disturbing.  Hmm…

I think their full length album is on the way, but if you can’t wait that long you can check out their stuff on the band’s MySpace page.  The songs ‘Postcards‘ and ‘Camp Out‘ jumped out at me right away… but it was hard not to like a song that mentions on of your favorite records ever.  As cheesy as it is… they had me at,

“Like that good Hole album, I can live through this”.

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it’s menswear review time again!

posted by:  audra

it doesn’t take much effort!  really!  a tailored coat, some trousers, a scarf maybe if you’re feeling fancy…and a fucking razor blade to the face!  seriously, living in portland – aka the ‘beardiest city’ in the states – i’ve come to loathe facial hair.  okay, a little 5 o’clock shadow is nice.  i like that.  wait–i actually prefer that to a bare face.  but i’m so sick of beards & mustaches & chops i could just die! and the flannel.  for god’s sake, you’re just reinforcing a gross northwest stereotype!

look at these gentlemen.  they look clean.  and i bet they smell good, too.  maybe they won’t buy me a hot dog at the 7-eleven or a pbr at some little sticky dive bar…but damn, are they delicious! a bit preppy, but nice & polished nonetheless:

those little treats there are from the moschino fall 2009 menswear line.  like i said before, they’re a little preppy & such…but they look a bit old-britain as well…and we all know how i love british boys!

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