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so this is what i’ve been doing…

posted by:  audra

i’ve been so sick, you guys!  as in no drinking, no smoking, no putting on makeup, not even eating sick!  i think it’s just the flu.  i had caught a lite sneeze sunday afternoon…actually it was more of some pressure in my chest, with a little itchiness…like i’d run around the block on a super-cold day.

then monday at work, i started feeling a lot less than sparkling.  after lunch i had a full-blown fever, complete with nonstop goosebumps in an otherwise i’m-always-fucking-sweating environment.  coughing, runny nose…oh god.  when i got home that night, i promptly passed out in my chaise for a few minutes & i knew it was trouble.

i kissed a few people over the weekend, i did.  friday night.  which one of you fuckers gave me this nasty little treat?!  i have barely been able to get off the couch, let alone put a little lippy on.  i haven’t been this sick in 10 years, & i’m not happy about it.

although i have lost 6 lbs. thanks to the no-food/lying around bit.

i’ll be back soon, i promise!  i mean, i have to tell you all about my new crush…

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