it’s menswear review time again!

posted by:  audra

it doesn’t take much effort!  really!  a tailored coat, some trousers, a scarf maybe if you’re feeling fancy…and a fucking razor blade to the face!  seriously, living in portland – aka the ‘beardiest city’ in the states – i’ve come to loathe facial hair.  okay, a little 5 o’clock shadow is nice.  i like that.  wait–i actually prefer that to a bare face.  but i’m so sick of beards & mustaches & chops i could just die! and the flannel.  for god’s sake, you’re just reinforcing a gross northwest stereotype!

look at these gentlemen.  they look clean.  and i bet they smell good, too.  maybe they won’t buy me a hot dog at the 7-eleven or a pbr at some little sticky dive bar…but damn, are they delicious! a bit preppy, but nice & polished nonetheless:

those little treats there are from the moschino fall 2009 menswear line.  like i said before, they’re a little preppy & such…but they look a bit old-britain as well…and we all know how i love british boys!

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  1. I always forget that men are models too…it must be a weird life. They have to be muscular but super svelte.

    on to tarte– yay! I had the deluxe sample, so I fortunately did not have to deal with the packaging. I agree–does its jacket not come off? is it glued on? That’s quite strange. I really want to try the set with lash hugger and rejuvelash and the curler. Lash hugger doesn’t have that bulky packaging. It’s cool and aluminum, I think.

    I’ve heard really good things about the bronzer powder… I’ve tried a cheek stain but didn’t like it. I think tarte is definitely a brand I’d experiment with, tho.

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