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strike force!

posted by:  audra

what?  okay.  i got really drunk last saturday night whilst staying up till 3am working on my stupid desert island collection.  and you know what?  there’s not a whole lot of quality television on at that hour.  i was done writing for the evening & then it came to my attention how extremely intoxicated & starving i was.  i heated up something so embarrassing i can’t even mention it here, & settled down in my super-comf chaise.

after flipping around to various late-night infomercials & such, i just sort of landed on boxing.  but not like cool boxing, like douche-deluxe boxing!  and martial arts had a baby.  actually, it was mostly just shirtless guys hugging it out in a boxing ring.  the show was called strikeforce; maybe you’ve heard of it…?  i hadn’t.  and i’m a little confused about whether it should be ‘strike force’ or ‘strikeforce’.  i really don’t care.  anyway, at first i was so appalled at how ridiculous it was, i couldn’t wait to get back to my personal favorite infomercial — the gt xpress 101 cathy mitchell grill — then i couldn’t stop watching it.  man, i was that drunk!  i think it was this guy’s hair that pulled me in.  it looked so retarded, i couldn’t stop staring!

that gentleman there is josh thomson, aka ‘the punk’.  really?  i’m not sure about how ‘punk’ he is…i mean, he looks like the latin version of ken or something.  is he latin?  probably not, but whatever.  and he’s wearing calvins!  his face isn’t that bad, so i guess he’s an attractive fellow; if you like that sort of thing.  but oh god, those abs!!!  soooo grossss!  in this case, i actually think the biceps are worse than the abs.  shudder!

that’s all i have for you!  i just thought it would be nice to share this very intimate look into my homelife.  there.  don’t you feel comforted by this?

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