oh. my. god.

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mko for interview magazinesam was watching the news the other night, & scurried in to tell me to google mary-kate’s interview magazine spread for march.  anyone else but m-k, & i probably would have finished what i was doing first…but for her, everything stops.

christopher bollen interviews the better olsen twin in the march issue of interview.   i’m so, so excited for this…the photographs look amazing.  can she look any hotter?  really?  all pasty & tasty with her platinum blonde hair & smoky eye-makeup…?  sigh!  i just want to snap off her little bony fingers & eat them one by one whilst stroking her big head & gazing into her gigantic elfin eyes.  so delicious:

the wordpress police wouldn’t let me post the video of the photoshoot, & i think interview has already taken it down anyway… but you should take but a second to skim part of the interview here.  so good.  you won’t be sorry.  i promise! oh, and p.s…  remember when i was fretting about m-k being pregnant, months ago?  i’m so, so relieved those rumors proved to be false.  it looks like she slimmed down some, too.  thank heavens.

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  1. Oh my gosh.
    I had no idea that was mk when I first glanced at the picture–no way! I love it though, because it’s so different and quite unexpected.
    Btw, I replied to your comment on my site but have to re-emphasize my mutual love for benefit. Sigh. If only BadGal didn’t flake. If only Boi-ing were more faithful. But I mean, how could you not buy that stuff?? It’s gorgeous!! There’s this new “Girls Night In” kit that comes with two of their cream shadow/liners and their “talent” brush that actually might be of good quality, so I’m hoping to post about that soon.
    Look at me, gushing about benefit in my off-hours. What other products of theirs have you tried? Liked? Kept using even if you didn’t like? I’d very much like to know.
    Oh, also something I wrote in my reply but I’ll go ahead and say here–I’d love to add you to my link list too! So I’ll do that as soon as I get one up (which should be v soon)

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