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but the movie kept moving as planned…

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maybe not quite a nightmare, but the new-ish steven sebring film dream of life documenting ten years of patti smith’s life isn’t such a dream.  i had such, such excruciatingly high hopes for this little gem.  i love me some patti, & even after reading some not-so-great reviews i still wanted to believe this would become my new favorite film.  it was showing at cinema 21 for like, a day, & i totally dropped the ball & missed it.  sigh.  the days leading up to the film’s release, i replayed the trailer over & over; goosebumps every time:

doesn’t that look so amazing?!  even after watching the film, the trailer still makes me all giddy & squealy.

…but, the film itself is just sort of a mishmash of really beautiful cinematography set to patti yammering in her native poetic tongue.  i read someplace — i think in entertainment weekly? — that instead of an intimate biopic about patti & getting to know her, you leave the film knowing less about her than you did before.  that’s so true; she comes off completely nuts, which is okay, but i wanted something a little bit more personal, & less babelogue.  maybe that’s how she really is, all the time though…?  is that what she’s going for; the mysterious ‘i’m-way-more-evolved-than-you’ vibe?  whatever.   i had the uh-mazing experience of meeting patti in the summer of 2007, her wonky eye & all.  bless her.  wandering around looking like a homeless woman.  i must’ve startled her with all my lip gloss when i spat out that she was my idol; she looked me up & down, but of course greeted me politely.  i’ve never been so self-concious of wearing black lace with heels in all my life.

anyway.  sebring’s work in dream of life is gorgeous.  every scene is like a photograph…it somewhat reminded me of anton corbijn.  it’s just the material that’s lacking, like a boring reality show that they neglected to edit the bad parts out of.   however, the one thing i did learn, is that patti lives in detroit.  really.  either i know too much about her already, or it’s really this uninformative.  spending ten years on a film, you’d think it would give away something really painfully revealing.  oh well.  perhaps her inner most secrets that make her so fucking cool are best kept so.   i still want to devour each & every bit of her.  it doesn’t get any cooler than patti.  ever.  it just doesn’t.

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