It’s Blitz… I think?

posted by:  Sam

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

…the new YYY’s album will be out sometime this Spring!  The band recently announced the title of their third record with the help of some of some furry little friends… but I’m not trusting the news completely just yet.

According to three little chicks in a bowl of popcorn and a bloody raccoon named Geronimo, the album will be called:  ‘It’s Blitz‘.  Or maybe it’s just ‘Blitz‘?  Or ‘It’s Blitz!‘ or ‘Blitz!‘.  So simple, yet so ambiguous.  You never really know with these guys.  Remember back in 2006 or so when everyone thought their second full length release was going to be called, ‘Coco Beware‘?  It ended up being released as ‘Show Your Bones‘.  Beware, indeed.  Clearly they have a decent sense of humor.

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