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Color me impressed

posted by:  Sam

I’ve been a fan of David LaChapelle‘s work for quite some time now, and I finally broke down and purchased his book Hotel LaChapelle yesterday.  What was I waiting for?  The book is gorgeous, humorous and over the top… much like the way I choose to describe myself.  Take a look:

See?  Amazing, right?!  Well, there’s more.  While still in the photography section of the bookstore, another book jumped off the shelf and begged me to take it home.  After thumbing through just a handful of pages, I had no other choice.

Pierre et Gilles are both artistic and romantic partners who began creating their striking erotic/religious/controversial works in the 1970’s.  I spent a good portion of the evening last night with this book, and realized I have seen quite a few of their photographs over the years, I just had no clue whom the artists were.  I learned the duo were solely responsible for building their sets, all photography and all retouching.  Color me impressed.


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it’s only a movie…

posted by:  audra

something terrible has just happened!  i was just milling about, minding my own business with the telly on in the background…when i heard the tail end of a movie trailer:  the last house on the left has been remade!  oh, the horror, the horror

what the fuck!?  really?  how come i’m just now hearing about this?!  i’m a horror film aficionado, & this is news to me.  it hurts a little.  i’m bruised, even!  the new version of the last house on the left comes out march 13th, which is really soon.  really soon.  anyway…a lot of people probably haven’t seen this film…the original, i mean.  well, what are you waiting for…?  go get it, like, now, before you see the remake & it’s lost its sparkle!  you know why?  because it’s fucking rad!  one of the most perfect horror films i’ve ever seen & really bloody…well, daring…for lack of a better term.  there’s lots of rape & graphic violence, & i highly doubt this new one is going to be able to hold a candle to the original.

…and!  wes craven’s first film ever!  done on a shoestring budget, wes & his small crew managed to put together one of the better psychological slasher films of all time. ..with actors who had little to no real acting experience.  and that is the stuff of dreams, kids!  i live for it.  you should, too!

oh, so many things wrong with this.  i’m so upset right now!  let’s look at a few things together.  maybe i’ll feel better…

  • directed by dennis iliadas.  okay, who?  i realize all directors have to start somewhere, but i’m a direction snob & this is the last house on the left, for christ’s sake.
  • the cast is a bunch of nobodies (tony goldwyn aka carl bruner from ghost is the biggest star!).  this kinda makes me giddy with anticipation, because i could totally see like, jessica alba, or someone stupid really fucking this up.  bad.
  • march 13th release.  really?  i’m all about stretching horror films throughout the year, really, but personally i think it needs a summer or fall release.  but wait!  it’s friday march 13th.  okay.  that’s okay then.
  • wes craven produced it.  this makes me happy.
  • trailer looks weak…lots of forced over-acting with stupid girls.  all the actors come off as dead-behind-the-eyes to me.  in a bad way.  nothing looks genuinely scary, like sadie & krug in the original do.

here is the 1972 trailer.  don’t let the slightly dull & clean 70’s trailer trick you into thinking this is something horribly lame!  like i said — rape, lots of well acted violence, & tits…it was initially rated x by the mpaa.  it’s disturbing, & it will fuck you up…i promise!

and here we have the 2009 trailer.  i watched it a second time just now & decided that if i didn’t know it was a remake of one of my favorite horror films ever, i’d probably want to see it…but not in the theater.

so troublesome.  i just don’t know what to think!   i’ll probably end up loving it.  sigh…

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posted by:  Sam

I just watched the video for “Wrong“, the new Depeche Mode single… and um… wow.  I’m not quite sure what to say other than I think it may be my favorite video they have ever made.  I have no more words.

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look at this boy.

posted by:  audra

just look at him.  that’s lou pucci.  he goes by lou taylor pucci now.  i guess it’s more grown-up sounding?  he’s totally not my type…he’s all frail looking & such.  still, i’ve had a terrible crush on him for a several years — ever since the chumscrubber & thumbsucker — & i totally don’t ever have celebrity crushes really!  well, for the most part.  especially actors.  with the exception of michael pitt, of course.  anyway, i keep waiting for this one to wear off, but he just keeps getting more & more delicious!

heavens to betsey! i almost forgot:  lou is in this film called the go-getter.  i haven’t seen it yet, but will very, very soon!  jena malone is in it too, of which i happen to think is oddly delicious as well.  oh god, i can’t wait to see them rolling around, making out & such!  here’s the trailer:

i don’t really know what it is about him…is he really that good-looking?  i mean, really?  lou is just so pretty!  i think.  don’t you?  hmm…well, he is five years younger than me…  maybe that’s what it is.  i do like them young.  i don’t know.  i just want to look at him.  and look at him i will.

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strike force!

posted by:  audra

what?  okay.  i got really drunk last saturday night whilst staying up till 3am working on my stupid desert island collection.  and you know what?  there’s not a whole lot of quality television on at that hour.  i was done writing for the evening & then it came to my attention how extremely intoxicated & starving i was.  i heated up something so embarrassing i can’t even mention it here, & settled down in my super-comf chaise.

after flipping around to various late-night infomercials & such, i just sort of landed on boxing.  but not like cool boxing, like douche-deluxe boxing!  and martial arts had a baby.  actually, it was mostly just shirtless guys hugging it out in a boxing ring.  the show was called strikeforce; maybe you’ve heard of it…?  i hadn’t.  and i’m a little confused about whether it should be ‘strike force’ or ‘strikeforce’.  i really don’t care.  anyway, at first i was so appalled at how ridiculous it was, i couldn’t wait to get back to my personal favorite infomercial — the gt xpress 101 cathy mitchell grill — then i couldn’t stop watching it.  man, i was that drunk!  i think it was this guy’s hair that pulled me in.  it looked so retarded, i couldn’t stop staring!

that gentleman there is josh thomson, aka ‘the punk’.  really?  i’m not sure about how ‘punk’ he is…i mean, he looks like the latin version of ken or something.  is he latin?  probably not, but whatever.  and he’s wearing calvins!  his face isn’t that bad, so i guess he’s an attractive fellow; if you like that sort of thing.  but oh god, those abs!!!  soooo grossss!  in this case, i actually think the biceps are worse than the abs.  shudder!

that’s all i have for you!  i just thought it would be nice to share this very intimate look into my homelife.  there.  don’t you feel comforted by this?

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desert island + the l words

posted by:  audra

so, the whole facebook phenomenon…?  i don’t really get it…i’d take myspace over facebook any day.  but i find myself on facebook more recently, for whatever reason — maybe because everyone else seems to be?  anyway.  one of the more intriguing things to me lately is seeing what my facebook friends pick for their desert island collection:

“music that had such a profound effect on you that it changed your life.  dug into your soul.  music that brought you to life when you heard it…”

all that stuff.  and you only get to pick 15.  fifteen?  really…?  i elected to make it 20.

i judge people based on the music they listen to, just as they should judge me as well.  this was a tough one for me, but this is what i picked.  my criteria was this:

  • listenability.  something i can listen to all the way through, have listened to for years and/or months & never get sick of.  duh, if i’m really stuck on a desert island, i’m not going to bring a bikini kill record, for christ’s sake!
  • lyrics.  i’m a huge lyric snob.  a piece of music could be completely amazing by way of composure & delivery, but if the lyrics are dumb, i can’t handle it [see glasvegas].
  • longevity.  i like material that sounds timeless, though not necessarily everything on my list sound timeless; i just prefer it that way.  i like stuff that upon first listen, you can’t tell whether it was just released or was released 20 years ago.  in a good way.
  • love.  i love these records, will sit on their faces, flip them around & eat them.

this was hard, you guys!  but, in no particular order, judge away…

exile  in guyville – liz phair. god, i fucking love this! so much.  i may go as far to say it could be my favorite record of all time?!  could it be…?  i bought exile in 1993 when i was 12:   sassy magazine.  lip gloss.  mascara.  my first period.  the first time i fell in love lust.  i listened to it incessantly & parts of it frightened me.  me & my 12 year old body would lie on my bed & play explain it to me & shatter on repeat for hours while i thought about boys who were completely out of my league.  so dramatic!  i still have the same cd i bought in 1993 & listen to it often.  it’s just that good.  loves:  6’1” , fuck & run, flower, divorce song, shatter, & girls! girls! girls!.

either/or – elliott smith. love, love, love.  it’s a good drinking record.  it’s quiet.  it’s distraught.  it’s passionate.  it’s good to clean the house to it, it’s good in the car, it’s good to makeout to, it’s good background music…it’s just a fucking great record.  loves:  between the bars & angeles.

from the choirgirl hotel – tori amos. i was really wavering for my favorite tori record, between this, boys for pele & little earthquakes.  oh, & scarlet’s walk!  i just love me some tori…older tori, before she got all adult-contemporary(!).  i like this one in particular for its extreme darkness & that it reminds me of being 17 & how fantastically tragic it was.  northern lad got me through the most horrible heartbreak of my life.  loves:  spark, blackdove, northern lad & jackie’s strength.

turn on the bright lights interpol.* i happened to discovered interpol way before they were famous.  i did!  i read the description of them in a tiny little article, saw their picture & was like, omg.  then sam & i bought this record.  what the fuck was wrong with me:  upon first listen, i stated that if a brain aneurysm had a sound, it would sound like this.   really!  i said that!  a few months later, i was in love.  typically though, if i hate a band so much the first time around, they will later become one of my favorite bands.  this doesn’t always happen though, kids.  their lyrics are absolutely amazing.  heartbreakingly sexy.  intelligent.  brilliant imagery.  and i think i maybe would stick obstacle 1 in my top 5 favorite songs ever.  loves:  obstacle 1, pda, say hello to the angels, hands away, & the new.

live through this – hole. oddly enough, this one reminds me of hunting.  not myself hunting, but going up to our cabin on the weekends during hunting season (which i hated) & hanging out with my parents.  i was 13.  mum & dad forbid tv & telephone while we were there.  all i had was music.  so really, that was fine.  i made a mix tape; one side live through this, other side exile in guyville.  i tended to listen to this side more whilst in the woods, for whatever reason.  it’s just bad-ass & it’s still fucking great.  i love me some courtney!  loves:  violet, miss world, plump, softer, softest…really, the whole bit!

to bring you my love – pj harvey. to bring you my love is the epitome of feverish lust.  but also, snarky jesus songs (working for the man!).  i was 14 when this was released…wow, is this a theme?  anyway, the always brilliant peej delivers a perfectly sexy, lusty, delicious & devastatingly desperate look at relationships(?!) with this one.  yum.  loves:  the whole record.  it’s too much rad.

grace – jeff buckley. i heart jeff hard.  real hard.  grace is so very gorgeous.  it’s one of those that sounds timeless.  it’s another clean-the-house cd, but also good dinner music.  or sex music.  whatever.  and i don’t need to tell you this of course, but of all the hallelujah covers out there, his is the best.  it gives me little goosebumps every time, & i don’t even like jesus!  and why the fuck hasn’t james franco starred as jeff in a film about his life yet?  that’s right, you heard it here first!  it was my idea!  sigh…  loves:  mojo pin, grace, last goodbye, so real, halleluja, & lover, you should’ve come over.

walking with thee – clinic. one of my favorite things to do  ever is listening to this in the car on my way to work; super-early in the morning before sunrise, during the winter, in the fog.  preferably freezing fog.  it just is.  i hate being awake at that hour & driving in freezing fog, but this album fits that scenario so perfectly.  it’s cold like that, & i love it…clenched teeth & all!  loves:  harmony, the equaliser, walking with thee, come into our room.

arcade fire – funeral.*  yep.  this is another one that i hated before i loved it.  i think it was just hard for me to listen to because it was so raw & real & somewhat sad…but smart…really smart.  brilliant even.  god, this record is so amazing!  even more amazing live.  loooooves:  all.  everything.  every bit of it. okay, i think my favorite track on here would be neighborhood #2 (laika), if i had to pick.  yes, that would be it!

horses – patti smith. i had a rough time picking  a patti record.  what list would be complete without at least one of hers?!  i wanted to pick easter, & then i thought radio ethiopia, but settled on horses for these reasons:  gloria, free money, land, & an uh-mazing cover of my generation. i love her so hard!  and john cale.  i wanna eat their faces.

aladdin sane – david bowie. man.  this was tough.  my favorite bowie record used to be hunky dory, & i almost picked that.  i decided on aladdin sane though, for these little gems:  watch that man, panic in detroit(!!), cracked actor, time, lady grinning soul…  fuck it, this is hands-down my favorite bowie!

kiss me, kiss me, kiss me – the cure. god!  another torturous decision!  why did i sign up for this project again…?  i realize that i’m a little masochistic, but this is getting ridiculous.  i chose kiss me for the sole reason being that it’s just the one i always seem to listen to the most.  it always sounds good & has a nice balance of moodiness to it.  loves:  catch, the perfect girl, the appropriately titled torture, if only tonight we could sleep, how beautiful you are, all i want, icing sugar.

the stone roses – the stone roses. oh!  goodness gracious, i love this band.  adore them.  honestly, i don’t know what could be better than sitting on the floor with this record on, hugging the speakers & drinking yourself into an emotional mess.  they are terribly underrated, but i think i like it that way.  they’re like a dirty little secret.  i wanna be adored is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time…really!  i say that about a lot of songs, but i mean it this time!  loves:  i wanna be adored, waterfall, made of stone.

meat is murder – the smiths. seriously, how could you not love the smiths?!  i don’t trust anyone who doesn’t listen to them.  oh, really?  you don’t like them?  sorry, we can’t be friends.  loves:  the headmaster ritual, rusholme ruffians, i want the one i can’t have, what she said…oh wait, i’m just going down the track listing.  i just realized there isn’t a single smiths song i don’t like.  nice!

washing machine – sonic youth. everyone needs a little fiber to stay happy & sonic youth can do that for you.  typically with sonic youth, i have to be in the right mood to listen to it, but when i am, it’s extra good!  i was going between dirty & washing machine…but i chose this one for these two loves:  becuz & little trouble girl.

show your bones – yeah yeah yeahs. show your bones is just a perfect record.  i never, ever get sick of it…it seems more mature to me than fever to tell, but not in a boring way at all.   i saw the yyys when they toured behind this album & it nearly killed me.  incredible.  loves:  way out, fancy, honeybear, the sweets, warrior.

lust lust lust – the raveonettes. the first time i popped this little gem in, i just about passed out!  it’s so, so sexy.  i’ve been a huge raveonettes lover for years & this is by far my favorite of theirs.  it sums up lust for someone who’s just a little bit out of  your reach.  sort of if like the jesus & mary chain were dutch & lived in the 1960s…well, they’re just fucking rad.  and hot.  loves:  aly walk with me, hallucinations, lust, black satin, blush.

midnight boom – the kills. best record of the decade?!  possibly!  it always, always, always sounds good to me.  and it doesn’t hurt that alison mosshart & jamie hince are like two of the most ridiculously good looking people ever!  loves:  u.r.a fever, cheap & cheerful, tape song, last day of magic, sour cherry, what new york used to be.

songs of faith & devotion – depeche mode. god.  okay.  so, this is a great record, yeah?  as a whole, i really shouldn’t include it in my topsies, but in your room is so fucking sexy that i have to include it.  knickers torn asunder! sigh…  it it weren’t for that track, i would have chosen violator.

kid a – radiohead. i bet you were waiting for a radiohead something or other, right?!  i chose kid a for it’s consistent listenability, although in rainbows certainly has that down as well.  but, i just really like the way kid a makes me feel.  it reminds me of something weird & uneasy.  i know that sounds kind of fucked up, but i mentioned before that i’m slightly masochistic.  so there.  loves:  everything in its right place, the national anthem, idioteque.

and there you have it!  that was awful.  i left out so many amazing records, & i’m not even going to bother with the honorable mention (the knife, the jesus & mary chain, dandy warhols?!  possibly even fever ray.  oh god.).  it’s too painful…  but perhaps i could do the same with films?  wouldn’t that be fun!

*sadly, i hated these two bands at first listen.  god, i was such a fucking idiot!  they both turned out to be two of my most favorite bands EVER…i’m so glad i made myself listen to them.  sigh!


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California, here I come

posted by:  Sam

Try and manage, but due to work I will be absent for a few days… I’m going to California with an aching in my heart.

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Killin’ time

posted by:  Sam

Whenever I am feeling bored or uninspired, I usually end up on YouTube.  And I usually always end up revisiting the videos released from The Kills latest record, Midnight Boom.  I guess you could say I have become somewhat obsessed with them.  You should be too.

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best day ever…?

posted by:  audra

wow.  so, i should be totally irritable & tired today…but for whatever reason, i’m not!  i woke up in an impeccably good state of well-being & it’s stuck with me all day. i have cramps, i only got 5 1/2 hours of sleep, the crack in my windshield spread even further this morning & i’ve had ’emerge’ in my head all day, & i don’t know where it came from.

you know what though?   i’m dealing with the cramps.  i’m not tired.  i’m blowing off getting the windshield fixed today because i don’t want the insurance people to fuck up my afternoon.  and fischerspooner kinda sounds good(?!).  it’s been like a gay discotheque everywhere i go today!  like babylon in queer as folk. what could possibly be causing all this euphoria?!  it’s sunny & nice out, but i normally wouldn’t go for that.   i took a little walk at lunch, read a magazine & smoked a ciggie in the sun, all the while wearing a sweater & didn’t sweat or get cranky!  this points to one of three things:

  1. something really bad is about to happen to me
  2. this is karmic payback for all the good things i do
  3. i dreamt a wet dream last night & my memory refuses to remember it

i’m hoping it’s the latter of the three.  the second thing would be nice too.  i deserve it.  i’m good to you people.

another thing made me happy today:  i read a little blurb in my new issue of harper’s bazaar about pulling out your older shoes from the closet.  there, gleaming next to this article, was a pair of wooden heels from chloé‘s spring 2006 line.  normally not a big deal, but these look astonishingly similar to the heels my mum gave me awhile ago…ones she wore in the seventies!  i totally have an excuse to wear them now. 

wanna watch the fischerspooner vid with me?!  just for fun?  of course you do!  now you will know what it’s been like in my head today!  it’s kinda rad, or at least parts of it are rad…just like me, i suppose.

*ps, this post has absolutely nothing to do with jessica stam.  i just felt like looking at her.

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The Bachelor

posted by:  Sam

I’m kind of on the fence with Patrick Wolf.

I can’t listen to any of his records in their entirety, but for some reason I can’t stay away.  Some of his stuff is totally brilliant, but the other stuff irritates me and kind of embarrasses me to listen to at times.  His new album The Bachelor will be out later this year, and I have to say… I am kind of excited for it.  A little hesitant, but excited.

I appreciate the risks he takes with each release and the ability to cross through multiple styles/genres.  The Bachelor sounds like it will continue along the same lines… only this time he’s dipping his hands in the hardcore pot.  There’s even a self-described “metal track” on the record!  This intrigues me.  But what intrigues me even more about this album is the guest appearance from Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton.  What?  Who saw that one coming?

While I think the pairing is a little strange, it sort of makes perfect sense.  I mean, if you think about it… they’re basically the same person.  Both are British, seem frighteningly intelligent, a little weird… OK, really weird… sort of have the same hair, and when I found these eerily similar photos of the two, well… it sort of creeped me out.

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