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counterfeit luxe

posted by:  audra

nearly five years ago, i made one of the biggest mistakes of my life:  i bought a fake louis vuitton handbag from a street vendor.  in new orleans, of all places.  i don’t know why — i didn’t even want it that badly.  i’m so ashamed.  they have a bad reputation, being toted around by velour sweatsuit wearing mommies & such.   and they’re everywhere…so, clearly, i wasn’t thinking that day.   i wore the bag exactly two times.  the first time, i just felt stupid walking around with it because i knew it was a fake; and the second time the strap started to come apart.  i contemplated gluing it, but just the thought of gluing back together a fake vuitton made me nauseous.  from then on, i decided that would be the one & only fake designer handbag i would ever own.  dramatic, right?  yes, but there are a lot more reasons why you shouldn’t be trolloping around with a faux-luxe bag, besides the fact that it’s tacky.

i paraphrasesd & gussied up these little nuggets & fun facts from the january issue of harper’s bazaar, ‘the fight against fakes’ by dana thomas:

an estimated 7% of the $600 billion in annual world trade is counterfeit, & is likely repsonsible for the loss of 750,000 american jobs…of course not just handbags, but medicine, watches & even baby formula.  believe it.

when you purchase a counterfeited item, let’s say it’s a fake chanel 2.55 bag, you’re supporting human trafficking, child labor,  & gang warfare.  that’s because the counterfeiters use the money you paid to launder & then later commit the aforementioned dirty deeds.  bazaar’s reporter dana thomas went on a raid with some chinese police in guangzhou; they walked into a room with close to thirty dirty, tired children, ages 8-14 constructing fake dunhill, versace & hugo boss handbags on super old, crappy sewing machines.   i can see the dunhill & versace…but faux hugo boss?  really?  why?

that should be enough to deter you from pawing through racks of fake fendis in chinatown, but it gets better.  dana goes on to say that walking through an assembly plant in thailand, she saw several children, all under the age of 10.  the impoverished little beasts were sitting on the floor, putting together scads of counterfeit handbags.

“the owners of the assembly plant had broken the children’s legs & tied the lower leg to the thigh so the bones wouldn’t mend.  [they] did it because the children said they wanted to go outside & play.”

i’m not wild about kids, but that’s pretty fucking sick.  don’t even think about getting a fakey, kittens…if the inhumane conditions in which they’re produced don’t change your mind, then just think about how quickly your new, supposedly well constructed designer bag will fall apart on you…then everyone will know it’s a fake anyway!  save your pennies & buy the real thing.

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sprousing it up

posted by: audra

this morning i read in the news about a new book that’s paying homage to the late artist/designer stephen sprouse.  i’ve never been wild about his stuff; all that graffiti & fluorescent color burns my eyes.  it’s just fucking ugg.  in 2001 i lost all respect for him when he collaborated with marc jacobs to design the neon-graffitied louis vuitton logo material.  he died in 2004, but even from the big runway in the sky, he still manages to spray paint monogrammed vuitton handbags, making them even grosser. people still buy this shit.   and thanks to my beloved marc jacobs, we can all relive the atrocious fashion that sprouse was famous for.   here’s a little preview of the stephen sprouse for louis vuitton spring 2009 line:

so gross. the only thing that could possibly make these horrendous shoes any worse, would be to hang a charm from them.  and i hate the american apparel-esque models above, too.  sigh…just when i think i can’t love marc jacobs any more, he goes & sticks his hand in the graffiti paint pot.  again.   it’s so upsetting.

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