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Sam: Depeche Mode are at it again

Depeche Mode are currently in New York working on their new record.  The untitled 12th release will be out sometime in 2009.

I’m so happy they are still around and putting out good stuff.  There are a handful of  more mature bands still recording and touring, but they fall short.  They look and sound old, and I ‘m usually disappointed in what they release.  Read, The Cure.

For me, Depeche Mode isn’t one of those bands that have passed their 80’s prime.  I love their newer stuff, they haven’t lost anything.  I listen to Exciter now the same way I used to listen to 101 when I was eight.   The only difference to me is listening to it on the ipod vs. the Walkman.  News of the new album is very exciting for me to hear, but it will be hard to contain my excitement after seeing these.  I love the loose change on the drum, genius!

I am also making myself sick over the announcement of the North American leg of their new tour.  The only dates confirmed so far are the European leg.  You can check it all out here, Tour of the Universe 2009

Fingers are crossed for a Portland date!

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