audra: glasvegas

so, i just read about this new-ish scottish shoegazey band, glasvegas, in NYLON.  they have been compared to the jesus & mary chain & are heavy on the 60’s soul-pop.  combine that with the lead vocalist (james allen) combing his hair into a pompadour like morrissey…i think i may pass out.  it sounds impossibly divine, really.

i ran home & told sam all about my new discovery.  he promptly reminded me that we had already previewed them some time back, & were not impressed.  they aren’t new, either; glasvegas formed in 2003.   i choose not to remember any of this taking place.  i must’ve been drunk.   nonetheless, i was still all in a tizzy, thinking they may be my new favourite band…then i thought that maybe i should listen to the material before making any radical decisions.  my new favourite they’re not, but still alright.  they remind me of several different bands at once…i can’t put my polished finger on them just yet, but maybe if the killers (shudder…!) had band practice with the boomtown rats & peter hook it might sound something like glasvegas.  i’m actually a little offended that they have been compared to the jamc…they sound hardly anything like them, unless you think that just because a band is from scotland, has a fuzzed out bass & some feedback from time to time, that that’s cause for sounding like the jesus & mary chain…?  sigh…

listen to their material here if you’d like. and goodness gracious, they are cute too! glasvegas will be in pdxoxo on january 12th, at the overly revered doug fir lounge with dirty pretty thing‘s carl barat.  i’d like to maybe see them live, but i try to go to the fir as little as possible.  we shall see.

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