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audra: oh, bettie…

i’m so heartbroken…my beloved bettie page died yesterday at the age of 85.  i feel so daft too; i didn’t even know she had been in a coma for the past week following a heart attack, after a bout with pneumonia.  poor thing.  is that what she gets for becoming a born-again christian?

after some investigation, i learned that the fetish icon didn’t even begin her pinup career until she was 27.  bettie was just a secretary strolling along coney island beach when a photog spotted her & asked to take her picture.   next thing you know, she’s wearing next to nothing, bound & gagged, in front of a camera.   27.  there’s hope for me yet.  and did you know that she was determined schizophrenic in 1979 following an arrest for a row with her landlady?  seriously you guys, it doesn’t get any better than a slightly violent, mentally unstable, lingerie-clad black-haired vamp with bangs wielding a leather whip.  it just doesn’t.

i will miss her terribly…but it’s sort of like she’s already been dead for thirty years or more, since she has shied away from interviews, photographers & such for so long.  she didn’t want to be photographed as an old woman.  amen.  speaking of amen, even with the years of working for billy graham & becoming one of those crazy christian missionaries, i will forgive her.   and i will think of her tonight when i trim my bangs & play dress up…i’ll have to dig out a corset for that first, of course.

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