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Sam: Another sonic punch to the gut

I knew if I waited long enough it would happen.  Polly Jean Harvey and John Parish are finally releasing a follow up to their 1996 collaboration, Dance Hall at Louse Point!  OMG!   This is the most exciting news I’ve heard all week.  I can barely contain myself.  A Woman A Man Walked By will drop in March, and hopefully with all this excitement and anticipation, so will my blood pressure.

PJ Harvey is one of my all time    favorite artists and has churned out one brilliant album after the next over the years.  I’m not so keen on the solo stuff from John Parish, but when the two of them come together magic happens.  John co-produced Harvey’s 2005 disc To Bring You My Love and 2007’s White Chalk.  I keep both of these records on heavy rotation, and may go as far as saying To Bring You My Love is my favorite PJ Harvey record ever.  Maybe.

If A Woman A Man Walked By is anything like Dance Hall we are all in for a sultry and dramatic treat.  I’m ready for Peej to take me on another tortured lyrical journey, and for Parish to turn my eardrums on their sides with his demanding and deliberate styling.  I’m ready for them to deliver another  sonic punch to the gut.  I’m ready for it to be March already, God damn it.

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