audra: see? christmas music really can be cool…

now that my birthday extravaganza is over, i can finally fully immerse myself in holiday splendor.  i think i’m already getting sort of burnt out on my usual christmas music standbys…but thanks to my favorite band the raveonettes i’m void of all boredom(!).

sune rose wagner & sharin foo realeased a series of eps this fall, their final release of the year titled wishing you a rave christmasdownload this immediately.  i’m solidly convinced now that they can do no wrong after nailing a christmas ep.  so good…complete with the signature fuzzed-out bass &  super sexy wallow…it really puts me in the mood to break out the black wrapping paper & white satin ribbon…sigh…  the first track, “christmas (baby please come home)” is so delicious you’ll want to cake your eyes in globs of black eyeliner & rub your naughty bits on the speakers.  who knew that song could be hot?!  i promise goosebumps.  really.  i promise.   and now that i’ve put you in a tizzy, you can buy one or all four of the mp3s here.

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