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Sam: Oh hell no!

I hear Quentin Tarantino has his heart set on remaking Russ Meyer’s 1965 cult classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Oh hell no!  I have a really hard time with movies being remade.   I am generally disappointed with the outcome.  I’m sure if this project gets the green light, it will be no exception.  Mainly because I saw the list of fools he wants to cast.  Are you ready for this?

Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes and Britney Spears.  Really?   I’ve also heard he is courting porn star Tera Patrick, which is easier for me to swallow but still not good.   His selections make sense visually, but something is telling me we’re in for a big hot mess if it ever sees the light of day.

I say keep your mitts off, Tarantino!  Somethings are better left untouched.

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audra: see? christmas music really can be cool…

now that my birthday extravaganza is over, i can finally fully immerse myself in holiday splendor.  i think i’m already getting sort of burnt out on my usual christmas music standbys…but thanks to my favorite band the raveonettes i’m void of all boredom(!).

sune rose wagner & sharin foo realeased a series of eps this fall, their final release of the year titled wishing you a rave christmasdownload this immediately.  i’m solidly convinced now that they can do no wrong after nailing a christmas ep.  so good…complete with the signature fuzzed-out bass &  super sexy wallow…it really puts me in the mood to break out the black wrapping paper & white satin ribbon…sigh…  the first track, “christmas (baby please come home)” is so delicious you’ll want to cake your eyes in globs of black eyeliner & rub your naughty bits on the speakers.  who knew that song could be hot?!  i promise goosebumps.  really.  i promise.   and now that i’ve put you in a tizzy, you can buy one or all four of the mp3s here.

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