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audra: haute pants

oh my god, you guys…i am really kicking myself for not sticking with the whole losing-weight thing.  not because i can’t fit into my favorite black & white halter dress, or the horrendous back-fat i’m accumulating, but because of the uh-maze-ing hot pants explosion for spring 2009(!).  oh em gee, look how rad:

model in paul costelloe

model vika kuropyatnikova wearing iceberg

model vika kuropyatnikova in iceberg

model heloise guerin in dolce & gabbana

model heloise guerin in dolce & gabbana

agnès b.

model in agnès b.

but boys in hot pants?  gross.  this is ridiculous:

model thibault oberlin in byblos

model thibault oberlin in byblos

i want to like this, really i do…i love men’s legs, and a prominently displayed package, but this is just embarrassing.  i do like the blazer sleeves pushed up though, it makes the bottom half look more like it’s on purpose…because you know if he wore the sleeves down, with socks too,  it would throw the whole thing off balance in an ‘oops i forgot my pants’ kind of way.   if there is any boy you know who would actually wear the man-panty + blazer combination out & feel good about it, please introduce me.  that boy would be my new fashion hero.

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