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audra: did mary-kate eat ashley?

so, i’ve been seeing on the news & in the tabloids lately that mary-kate olsen has really been packing on the pounds.  not that i read the tabloids, but when i’m loading up the conveyor belt with cheese & beer, i like to skim the headlines.  when i saw that m-k was getting “fat” (indeed her weight skyrocketed past 100 lbs – really!) i picked a copy up & actually considered purchase.

it breaks my heart, this new m-k.  some sources are speculating that she is “preggers”.  i hate that word so, so much, and to see it printed in the same sentence as mary-kate’s name…it makes me sick.  i like to think that she’s just been going out for too many tcby runs.  just look at how excited she is with that gigantic bag of frozen yogurt…

i’m not sure where this next side-by-side photograph is from, but i do recall the website quoting star inthe article.  so who knows how accurate it is…but look at how gross fat/pregnant mary-kate is:

typically i like a gal with some extra squishy stuff around the sides, but this just seems wrong.  i love my m-k super-skinny, sickly & teetering on ridiculously high heels.  i want her popping pills, smoking cigarettes & getting 2 hours of sleep every night.  i love me an anna, & i’m not sure if i can deal with this.  if the pregancy rumors are true, i have a backup obsession: model jessica stam.  i got bored of karen elson.  or, i could always go back to dita.  we’ll see…

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