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Sam: Controversy

I’ve been involved in many conversations with a person (and to protect said person’s identity… we’ll call her Judy) over the years about how “cruel” and “politically incorrect” it was to consume veal.  Yeah, it’s kind of sad to think about hacking into a poor baby animal for your own gastronomical pleasure… but my god, it’s delicious.

Recently, “Judy” was generous enough to give Audra and I about ten pounds worth of locally grown lamb.  Now, I love me some lamb… but ten pounds?!  Jesus.  During the transaction we casually ask where the lamb came from, and if “Judy” happened to know the age of the tasty morsel.  We learned the lamb was raised by a friend of “Judy’s” and “Judy” and her friends had already devoured a significant portion.  We then learned the lamb was roughly a year old, possibly younger.  Yes, friends you heard me correctly.  It is apparently okay to eat a baby lamb, but a baby cow is a big no-no.  Does this make sense to you?  I’m completely baffled about it.  Yeah, it’s a little creepy to think about but in the end the poor thing would have the same fate of ending up on the dinner table… so does it really matter?  Don’t answer that, please.  Honestly, I didn’t even think about it until Audra brought it to my attention later.  At the time I was way more interested in learning the little guy was named, Prince.  Prince!  How perfect.  The Prince song Controversy has been in my head ever since.

I like to think “Judy” just didn’t realize the similarity between young lamb and veal, but one never knows.  Or, maybe she feels it really is okay?  Either way, we still plan on putting on Dirty Mind by Prince and eating some delicious lamb curry!

Dirty Mind

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audra: holiday rebuff

whoopsie.  i spoke way too soon…we should have left for home yesterday.

i will save the detailed drama for my close friends, but in the meantime there is only one thing to make me feel better, and one thing only…other than sneaking out to the driveway to smoke…is “last christmas” by wham!.  i wanted to wait until after my birthday holiday extravaganza next saturday to post this, but it can’t wait a second longer.  it’s a treat for you & for me.  if it’s not your favorite christmas song, then maybe we shouldn’t be friends:

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