audra: the manson family

this weekend sam & i watched a 2003 film about charles manson & his “family”, cleverly titled the manson family.  i love me some psycho killer films even more than i love the song, psycho killer…and almost as much as i love beer.  and butter.  combined.  so you can imagine the excitement leading up to the viewing.

we popped in the shiny dvd, and not even five minutes into the film i hastily said how much i loved it already(!).  the manson family is sort of mockumentary-esque, with staged interviews that are made to look authentic, and littered with clips from manson’s ranches that almost look like veritable footage as well.  and then you start noticing the bad acting.  not terrible acting, just not great.  but, it’s true crime…and there are lots of tits, sex & drug use…so it must be good, right?

it did sort of fizzle out towards the end (even despite the climax of the entire film – the tate & labianca murders, and various other slaughters), and bits of it seemed a little inaccurate.  i would totally recommend watching it though…especially if you’re into seeing someone get stabbed 40 or 50 times.  parts of it reminded me of the 1972 graphic horror film gore gore girls…what with all the repeated stabbing & blood lust.  but anyway.  here’s the trailer…


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