Sam: The Effects of 333

The new record from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is a perfect example of a good idea gone south.  The Effects of 333 is a 55 minute instrumental/ambient train wreck of a record.  Ambient!  What the hell were they thinking? I love this band and I was so excited for this record. I was even more excited to learn our friend Don had burned it for us and Audra was bringing it home from work with her the other night. How sad. I usually love it when bands switch up their sound.  PJ Harvey always amazes me, and the new electronica inspired stuff from The Raveonettes was unexpected but fantastic.  This shit show from BRMC was a total disappointment.  It still sounds like them, kind of… but it’s basically just noise.  I sort of feel like a cranky old geezer with that last statement, complaining that, “rock and roll is just noise, and it’s the devil’s music”.  But, in this instance it’s true.  If you are looking for something to make your ears bleed, then have at it.  It’s all yours.  To me, the seizure inducing cover art bears a striking resemblance to The Eraser by Thom Yorke… only I like the Thom Yorke cover.  And the album for that matter.

A few positive things to say about the damn thing… One. It would actually make a great score to a film. Either a dark indie flick, or a good horror film, but not of the cheesy variety. The good kind. The old school type with the serious psychopaths and gratuitous tits and blood. Two. It was released independently.  Free from any corporate record label.  Which makes sense, no self respecting record label would want to slap their name on such a hot mess.




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