audra: alexander mcqueen spring 2009 ready-to-wear

i just took a little peek at my beloved alexander mcqueen’s collection for spring 2009.  after the ridiculously rad fall 2008 line, my expectations were quite high…what with ludicrously amazing stuff like this:

i’m a little disappointed with the spring line…some of it seems to be grazing the fine line between safari chic & animal print orgy from talbots:

and what the hell is up with this?

i really liked this corseted frock though:

but look closer, and note the gross shoes above.  seriously you guys, these are so gross.  sadly i wasn’t able to find a more detailed photograph, but you can tell that they’re flesh colored, foot molded heels, possibly in some sort of synthetic material…or maybe patent leather, but i doubt it.  i hate other people’s feet, and these exacerbate every sick detail of the human foot that i just can’t stand.  but anyway, i really hate this too:

it looks like alex found a scrap of an old stained-glass themed tapestry, cut some arm holes here, a triangle in the crotch there, and called it good.

typically designers will have a collection that sticks with one theme, but this is all over the place.  it makes my head hurt.  a lot of the dresses were really pretty though, like this one:

i love the detail on the model’s face, too:

so pretty!  do you think that would work for me if i pulled some fishnets over my head?

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